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I definitely feel emotionally and mentally flushed at the end of every day but in a good way. My mental stimulation has been so at its peak that I literally feel invigorated from every aspect of my life, a goal I’ve tried to reach for my entire high school career. 

When I was initially thrown into almost complete independence, I noticed that I needed to change the way I went about my life; everything from my daily habits like sleeping in until 1pm to my time management. Since changing my habits, I’ve noticed this increase in productivity, feeling of fulfillment, and overall happiness.

I think if there’s one perfect way to describe it I would say it’s this blossoming focus on super-hygge (HUE-GUH)  in my life. I’ve really been into the concept of hygge, a Danish word for a lifestyle that centers around beautiful miniscule moments in one’s daily life. And I truly think that my embrace of this concept has made my life and the way I go about it much, much more positive.

Now I’m definitely no expert but if it made me pull my hectic-ass scrambled lifestyle together in a jiffy, it has to work for yours ??? Or maybe you already have a tailored lifestyle. Whatever, if you need a reminder for how to maintain that healthy lifestyle or tips on how to get started, then indulge yourself in my majestic writing. 


MAKE YOUR SPACE BEAUTIFUL. When I first moved into my dorm, I thought I could survive months of school with two Picasso prints on my wall. Boy, was I delusional! I ended up feeling so confined as if I was a prison that I ended up plastering the walls with vibrant posters, and fairy and LED lights. I’ve even become a neat freak, a person so opposite from who I was just a few months ago that my mom commented on the change during Thanksgiving break. The point is, these little enhancements made me feel comfortable and inspired in the space that I spend most of my time in. Trust, you don’t want to wake up to a bland space with linoleum floors.

  GOOD MUSIC & PODCASTS. I do this thing where I listen to a group of songs for around two weeks until I’m sick of it and make another playlist to replace it. I was scrolling through the hundreds of playlists I have and realized that there were so many songs I hadn’t reveled in simply because I didn’t actually like them. So if you listen to music 24/7 like I do, there’s really no point in listening to shit for the sake of listening; instead, compile your absolute favorite songs into a playlist so even if the song doesn’t fit the mood or the vibe, you love it anyway. Beyond music, I’ve really been appreciating the art of the podcast. I’ve been listening to Man Repeller and The School of Greatness recently and I can already attest to the fact that it has made me feel more inspired and motivated to not only focus on academics but also on my personal wellbeing and mental health. 

UTLIZE YOUR MORNINGS. I was NEVER a morning person and it really kicked me in the ass when I moved to New York — I knew how fast-paced the city was but never how to balance everything in my life. Since this epiphany, I’ve been waking up at 9:30am every day to get a workout in, make breakfast, meditate, and start my day with a clear mind. Of course, there’s no right or wrong way to utilize your mornings; if your day usually doesn’t start until the afternoon, there’s no pressing need to wake up early, but even so, starting the day off much earlier than necessary will make you feel more productive and prepared to take on the day’s challenges. It’s all about cultivating those little morning rituals that make you feel energized. So for me, those rituals include working out for 45 minutes, drinking a load of water, meditating on Head Space, and doing my skincare, all while listening to my favorite songs or inspirational podcasts. 

PRESENT YOURSELF WELL. Obviously, we all have off days where we just want to sink into a fluffy bed in sweats and a t-shirt, but I’ve noticed that I’m more productive when I wear actual clothes — maybe it’s because I’m more confident or wearing real clothes switches my brain on. But I can easily say that dressing up, or at least dressing in anything but pajamas makes a big impact on your attitude for the day. 

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