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Boy, I’ve been loving NYU so much but I was also going 100 mph that I couldn’t even feel myself think — I was constantly around people, doing work, or thinking that I couldn’t keep up with everything and my desires to create more and to delve deeper into my passions. 

Luckily, I was fortunate enough to go to Portugal over Thanksgiving break revisiting old destinations I saw for the first time a little less than a decade ago — it was weird seeing the same foreign place in a different time, I just appreciated it more since I’m much older and competent. 

But the short-lived getaway definitely did some good, being somewhere detached from the high-speed life I’ve been living recently cleared my head and gave me time to think. And since coming back, I’ve been hammered by an influx of creativity perhaps charged by my addictive personality.

I realized in this “creative resurrection” that I’ve been blogging for the past five or so years and since then have been focusing on what I think you guys want to see, but now I realize that then my blog isn’t as authentic as I hoped it would be. So from here on, I’m going to make this my digital scrapbook and journal, a way to virtually think out loud and make my mark.

I don’t necessarily think my life or thoughts are interesting enough to share anyway (I’d be down with having a private site just to me and my close ones) but I feel like being a teenager figuring out the game of life in good ol’ New York, I’m experiencing things that my fellow college freshman (more or less) could relate to.

So if you don’t care, that’s cool, but if you do (!!!) then let’s just mosey down this life together!

Anyway, here’s a small little “scrapbook” of my time in Portugal </3

xx Brenda

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The digital diary of a 18 year old // fashion, beauty, music, and musings... Contact: hello@brendaliang.com

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