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Good morning to all who are awake on this fine Sunday! It’s currently 2:14am, which is my ideal creative time, so I thought I’d do a monthly dump — essentially a peek into what I’ve been doing, listening to, and inspired by in the past month.

October literally zoom zoom motherfrickered by, it’s nothing but a fat, colorful blob in my head, leaving only iPhone shots and my Spotify as indicators of what was October. And from the looks of it, it seems like I got my groove on. Lots of brights, glitter, concerts, and sick beatZZzzz. Maybe November will be another month of glitz and glam, or lax mellow vibes, but nonetheless, I’m ReAdY tO gEt ThIs BrEaD.

So to get that clear (late) start on November, let’s just braindump October.



Untitled design-68.png

Untitled design-69Untitled design-70Screen Shot 2018-11-11 at 1.48.35 AM

Untitled design-71

Untitled design-73.png

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