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Even though I posted a few days ago I feel like I haven’t really caught up with you guys. You don’t care anyway so this is for me:

I graduated high school last week and I feel kind of weird about it, not like a nostalgic weird, just weird. I have a lot lined up this summer and a lot to look forward to but even being home with nothing to do this past week has got me feeling a little off — shit’s been going down so that’s one thing, but also I feel like I’m in a daze. Like I feel like I need to be doing something because that’s all I’ve ever known but I have nothing to do so I’m kind of just floating through time, driving with the windows down, spending time with family, and laying by the pool. Soooo L.A. which I am not — there goes my unborn attempt at being bicoastal. But being a fresh high school alumni is a weird feeling; you’re always caught up in something whether it’s schoolwork, personal interests, friends, whatever, that having nothing to do for a little is simply confusing.

Anyway, I’m realizing that I ramble on too much and that I’m making myself seem a lot more motivated than I really am. If I was really looking for something to do, I would’ve posted a hundred posts by now but that hasn’t happened so..

I’m just going to talk about this post which will be a CURRENT FAVORITES! THINGS TO CHECK OUT! THINGS I’M LOVING RIGHT NOW!

Groundbreaking, I know. But I swweeeeaaaarrr fun content is coming very soon, ya girl’s headed to Singapore tomorrow so I’ve got lots of cool shots, outfits, and inspirited headed your way. But in the meantime, here are my current favorites, things to check out, and things I’m loving right now.


???? If you know me, you’re probably falling off your seat. I, Brenda Liang, am not a runner. I threw up after a run during my field hockey days so this may be alarming to you, but I’ve been way too lazy to go through workout sets. I’ve pretty much been doing the standard: running, because it burns, I want to cry, and it makes my body tingle a bit. We’ll end my commentary on running with what my friend Gillian said about this newfound hmmm, not gonna say “love,” more like “affinity” for running: “maybe you’re just dying and you don’t know it yet.” That may as well be the case.


I don’t know if other girls are the same, but I really love menswear and men’s street style. It’s so cool and personally, I think it’s better than womenswear. Maybe it’s because my style is relatively androgynous or “masculine” (we don’t label here) or because I have a fascination with metrosexuals (because all I’ve ever known were natty-light shotgunning, Vineyard Vines wearing, homophobic lax bros), but I love mens street style. And so of course, combining that love with my love of Youtube means I’m always watching people like Magnus Ronning, Sangiev, Jacob Wallace, etc. But I recently discovered PAQ and you guys. I love them. They not only have a lot of personality and really fun, unique senses of personal style, but they also understand how to pair pieces (looking at composition and such) in a really uniform way. Props, PAQ.

Untitled design-33.png



Unless I’m really (I mean really) into a song, I won’t look into the artist and their other pieces so me saying Elli Ingram, not only as the artist of Sweet and Sour is incredible is kinda a big deal coming from me, not gonna lie. Her music is upbeat yet mellow and each song is a hot summer jam so check her out my Gs.

Screen Shot 2018-06-18 at 9.57.28 PM.png


Trust me, I can easily sit and scroll through memes all day but right now (next to @thearchbish0pofbanterbury) my favorite page is @overheardnewyork. Basically, it documents a bunch of hilarious overheard conversations in New York, and there are a bunch of other accounts for cities like L.A., London, etc. so please. Do yourself a favor and give it a read.


Most definitely a rambly post but I deem a good one nonetheless. Au revoir! See you in Singapore!

x Brenda

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