The Flight Essentials

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I’ve definitely done my fair share of flying (I’m talking 36 hour travel time here) and so I have a pretty strong sense of what to bring and what not to bring on a flight. I don’t really think it’s necessary to talk about what not to bring because we all know by now that TSA will toss out your beloved dry shampoo and oversized La Mer cream but as for what to bring, I gotchu.

Obviously bring your passport and shit like that but beyond that, the line between essential and just extra can get reeaaaall hazy so here’s my personal checklist of my flight essentials. And by flight essentials I mean products that will counteract the dry air and thus inevitable dehydration.



If you’re not on this train already, you better get on it. Now, Weleda Skin Food has been my bitch for more than a year but when it comes to flying, it’s a MUST-HAVE. AN ESSENTIAL. A NECESSITY. THIS IS ALSO HOW I HIT THE MINIMUM WORD COUNT FOR AN ESSAY, BY LISTING REPEATING WHAT I’VE ALREADY SAID, JUST A TAD BIT DIFFERENTLY. Essentially, it’s going to hydrate your skin to the max, so if you wanna do a super thick face mask, this is good. If you want to moisturize your hands, this is also good. If you want to add a natural glow to your skin, this is good. It’s just all good.

Untitled design-32.png


I wouldn’t say sheet masks are essential in the in-flight beauty routine, but it’s an essential in the in-flight beauty routine. No matter how prone to oiliness your skin is, it will get dehydrated from the humidity rate of 20? in the airplane so make sure you’re packing your skin with moisture throughout the flight. My personal favorites are the Mediheal masks but really, whatever you like will do. I know masking in the plane can be a little daunting because people can find it wack but they can’t say anything when you’re skin is glowing and plump while they’re sitting there looking like a bunch of shriveled prunes.

samples flight.png


If there’s any time to try out those random samples you’ve had in your cabinet, it’s during a flight. After masking (on a clean face with wipes we will talk about later) make sure you lock all the moisture in with more serum or oil. The more hydrated the better. Plus, no one wants to bring a full-sized serum with them on a flight as it takes up room and might spill so there’s truly no better time to try out new products.

glossier invisible shielf.png


Sun will peek through those plane windows so make sure you prevent any sun damage (even if it’s physically undetectable) and if that doesn’t sway you, just know that sunscreen can prevent bacteria (and therefore pimples) from penetrating the skin. Just block out the negativity you know, it’s vacation and we don’t need facial problems.

red balm.png



And I don’t mean chapstick. Anything super thick and hydrating will work — cracked lips aren’t cute.


You’ll be luminous after the flight (if you listen to my checklist) anyway, but if you feel like you need a little perk up during landing, pack a few products in your carry-on, but keep it light and minimal. You’re not only still in the airport, but you’re also in a different destination so let your skin acclimate before you pack on makeup.

perfume flight.png


Everyone smells bad after a flight so make sure you’ve got a mini perfume to spritz on at the end of it. Please spare your Uber by not smelling dingy.


I know we hate getting up and peeing 24/7 on a flight but please hydrate yourselves while flying. As I said only a hundred times, planes suck the moisture out of your system so make sure you’re drinking at least two massive water bottles, you’ll feel really good physically and egotistically knowing you’re well-hydrated. Also, plane food is gross so if you’re willing to get by on snacks, make sure you have some fruit, granola bars, and even yogurt. But I’m a hypocrite because I usually eat gummy bears and hot Cheetos hahahaha.

Oh, and a really good (and long) playlist.

Happy flying my dudes

xx Brenda



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