May Favorites

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I feel like a Youtuber talking about my monthly favorites but May has been a month of accumulation so this post must be done.

I’m not going to lie, I fall into a Youtube void almost every single day so at the end of each month I mentally list all the things I’ve been enjoying the past month and so I figured I might as well import that list into a digital document for the world to see. Not that anyone really cares. If you do though, hello and I appreciate you greatly.

So anyway! May has been a crazy month: I ended classes, I confronted by creative slump, I started working, I turned 18, it’s been wildin’ ya’ll. And in the midst of all that, I’ve grown a rather hefty collection of songs, pieces, products, and whatnot I’ve been loving.


Say what you wanna say, BUT the 500s are most definitely the best Yeezy yet. They’re not only orthopedic (the first and foremost reason I got them, obviously), but they’re also in line with the “dad shoe” chunky thing going on while still being streamlined to wear everyday. Love the color, love the mixed materials, LOVE the comfort, and the shape. I also love walking on mushrooms as soft as clouds.

Untitled design-28.png


If you know me, you know I LOVE Uniqlo. Don’t know how to pronounce it but who the hell does anyway? I went to their MASSIVE store on Fifth Avenue and my oh my, their collab collection blew my brains out so I picked up two t-shirts from the SPRZ and UT collabs. Super great basics that also maintain an element of pizzazz.

Screen Shot 2018-05-30 at 9.24.21 PM.png


I have lots of totes and whatnot but nothing that was small enough to be comfortable but roomy enough to fit water bottles and shit SO I got this for my birthday and my God, it is wonderful. She’s cute, she’s versatile, she’s a little bit spunky, and we love her. Oh, and her name is Billie, as in Billie Eilish, who is also cute, versatile, and spunky.

Untitled design-29.png


I wouldn’t necessarily say I’m a skincare junkie but until I find the PERFECT and I mean PERFECT product, I will make my rounds and try out different products. I’ve been dealing with some acne scarring for a while from a weird outbreak of hormonal zits (rip my soul) and I truly believe that Hylamide’s C25 has been game-changing. Now, I cannot say my skin is as clear as day, but I can say that the scarring has cleared up significantly. At the end of the day, it’s about progress not perfection, so who cares anyway?

Untitled design-30.png


Yum, more skin outbreaks! Had a little thing with angular cheilitis this month as well…May has been … productive. And nothing cleared it up but this lifesaver. I was in desperate need of calming my painful, swollen lips down so after perusing Amazon, I discovered this Japanese Shiseido lip balm and after one use (I wouldn’t lie to you guys), my lips were healed. Now I own six tubes.


I love spiked up, fluffy brows and as someone with negative brow hair, it’s a bit frustrating when your brows are too thin and to sparse to achieve that look. BUT! I found the perfect combination, Chanel lash primer and some good old boy brow. The primer is incredible because you can literally see your hairs getting thicker and longer and the boy brow is not only amazing in formula but also in the color blonde. I clearly am not blonde, the exact opposite, but I told you, my brows are too light even for brown. So there’s no such thing as marker brows, only fluffy brows here okay.

Untitled design-31.png


Saw this on Instagram, hunted it down, ordered it, and now it’s a desert island favorite. The colors are absolutely BEAUTIFUL, the powder is so finely milled it doesn’t look or feel like anything (completely weightless!) and it smells like Chanel No.5! Oh, Chanel. You have my heart.


Guys. I was only three when the “Pizza Bomber Crime” thing happened so I really have no recollection of its occurrence, but after being recommended Evil Genius, 


I’m not showing a photo because it’s hard to make olives look cute but please buy them. They’re phenomenal.



My dear friend Danny is very, VERY into music so he has showed me countless numbers of songs and artists I am now very into. Made a playlist of the songs I’ve been listening to over and over again – some experimental music, some jazz, some indie, just a healthy mix, you know?

Oh and happy June!

xx Brenda

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