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Maybe I’m just narcissistic and a little too self-involved but I really dislike wearing the same clothes as other people, unless they’re a fashion icon. And it only makes sense that the more basic and norm core stores you shop at, the more likely matching with a stranger (or a friend) is going to occur. So in light of the new season and alllllll the pieces we’re going to need to elevate our summer style, here are some underrated stores to find your new heat-friendly staples.


If I text you a lot, you KNOW how much I love Therealreal, essentially an online, 100% authenticated luxury consignment shop. And there are truly a LOT of great deals on there. Shipping is fast, broad selection, good prices, and unique pieces. I would say 75% of my closet at this point is from therealreal, so just check them out.

Untitled design-24


If you’re into South Korean culture, you most definitely know Stylenanda, a feminine online boutique that perfectly mixes vintage fashion and menswear at affordable prices. Now, the in-stock selection and website itself is a little bit janky, buuuut, the pieces are awesome and put a fun twist on what is considered to be a basic wardrobe staple. Think lots of cardigans (for chilly summer nights), slip dresses, and fun accessories.

Untitled design-25


You also most likely know Opening Ceremony, east coast fashion central! But seriously, Opening Ceremony is fantastic, lots of really cool and eclectic styles and brands that range from relatively affordable and fashionable pieces to mighty high-fashion.

Untitled design-26


ZEMETA is probably one of my favorite shops at the moment; first of all, Zemeta herself is an angel (hello if you’re reading ❤ ) and second of all, it creates high-fashion like pieces for affordable prices, making street style aesthetics accessible to all.

Untitled design-27


Another one of my favorite all time shops, please check out The Outnet, you get sick deals on sick designer pieces — it’s literally a digital outlet.

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