Eye Looks to Spruce Up Your Summer Makeup

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Whenever we think of summer makeup we think golden, bronzy, and lots and LOTS of sunscreen. We also tend to minimize our makeup routines to keep things easy and breezy but that doesn’t mean our routines have to be boring; you can keep things numerically minimal while maintaining the essence of “coolness” or “uniqueness,” so here are two unexpected yet cool eye looks to sport this summer…and beyond.


purple under eyes but make it art

Unpopular opinion but I’m a huge fan of dark eye circles, they make you look human. Also, there’s an intangible grunginess that comes with looking tired and stressed hahahaha, just me though.

So instead of trying to conceal that shit why not make it into a masterpiece? Think runway, high-fashion makeup but a little bit more wearable.

To create this easy look on my sister Clara, I just swept some Glossier lidstar in Lily across the lash line and smudged it into a messy wing while enhancing the eye a bit more but bringing it onto the lid. Super easy, super quick, and super eye-catching.

Untitled design-23.png

And if that’s a little too much for you, just focus it on the lashline with a more graphic shape.

Let the glitter roam free, it’s summer god damnit.


disco green (and some leftover lavender)

Clearly, I’m big on fun eye looks, and a simple way to implement a pop is through liquid liner. My favorite colored eye liners are the Maybelline Master Precise Inks because they have an awesome controllable pen brush and are super pigmented, so all you gotta do is the winged liner you would typically do with a black or brown pen.

Originally, this look was supposed to be just green without any other colors, but the lidstar was a bit stubborn, let’s call it a happy accident because it turned out super rad.

Besides, you want your eye makeup to stay on all day anyway.

summer eye green.png

And those are the looks! Happy summer and even more so, happy eye makeup applying!

Instagram @brendaliang.

xx Brenda

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