For the Teenage Girl

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A few months back I often cried myself to sleep, lashed out at loved ones, and simply was irritable and angsty, perhaps that was because of stress (from all the Netflix I’ve been watching of course) or because I felt chained to the norm. So of course, I messaged my BESTEST friend, HI ARIANA! and she sent me a poem that not only nixed my feeling of isolation and overall sadness but also inspired me to go beyond what I already was, or thought I was.

I was sifting through my notes searching for any previous ideas I had to blog about but instead my blessed soul rediscovered her poem. It resonated pretty deeply with me then, but more so now, so thought I’d share. You are welcome. This one’s for the teenager who feels locked and isolated.

maraschino cherry baby smears red lipstick on

the faces of the girls she doesn’t love.

she colors outside the lipliner and lets the scarlet sin bleed out.

lips red that stopsign you to slow and listen, to

stare and wait.

artificial blood stains her teeth and she bares them to her unlovers.

maraschino cherry baby with a penchant for blood taken from the source.

blood swells to the surface of their skin when she rips them open with her smile

maraschino cherry baby’s eyes flash red

flash flood temper, heed the warnings or

bow and bend to her

they bow and regard her as tragedy, crying

sticky sweet syrup.

don’t they know it’s for their pleasure? to

appeal to their tastes? to ensnare them?

don’t they know she will twist and knot their chains with her tongue?

We love Ariana Garcia.

(photo credit to Glossier wallpaper :))

xx Brenda

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