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You guys, I’m on a blogging rampage.

Maybe I should’ve mentioned this in the last post but hello! I’m back! And if you don’t know me then, hi, I’m Brenda, I turn 18 on Saturday and I’m just your average, kinda weird (I prefer unique/quirky) teenage girl looking to manifest her dreams into something concrete. Also, I burped for the first time in my life yesterday and that was a really exciting moment though there was no one around to witness it. Basically, after years of blogging on WordPress, I switched to being self-hosted and it was not what I expected in the worst way: I had literally 0 control over my content and engagement because firstly, it was just confusing and secondly, I was not mentally or emotionally ready to be completely independent. I need WordPress Support to survive.

Anyways, after hours of stressfully moving back to a WordPress blog, I’m back for the better.

So being the indecisive little binch that I am, I resorted to posting polls on my finsta story (how Gen Z ) to figure out what the people wanted to see on the blog, and the people wanted to see my current makeup favorites. I haven’t been wearing makeup all that much recently because I’ve been super lazy and my skin has been flipping tits, but on the rare occasion that I do wear makeup now, these are my current favorites.


Glossier Lidstar in “Lily” and “Cub”

I have really oily eyelids which isn’t ideal, especially for someone who loves to play around with vibrant shades and glossy finishes, so when Glossier released their lidstars, my expectations were pretty low in terms of longevity. HOWEVER, I am a massive fan of everything they do (expect their solution because it ruined my skin), and the lidstars are no exception. They’re super smooth and blendable and come in a variety of delicate yet edgy shades, but the best part is that they actually do not crease. While there may be a smudge here and there, at the end of the day, my lids are still evenly glossed with shimmery lavender and rose gold cream, and that’s all I really ever need in life.

Screen Shot 2018-05-01 at 7.50.32 PM

YSL Touche Eclat

I’ve seen this product only a million times across Instagram, Youtube, and beauty blogs, but never felt the need to pay $40 for a low-coverage concealer. Maybe I’m just dumb and ignorant, but I just realized that it’s actually not concealer? but a highlighter? Which was pretty much the only reason I picked it up, but oh my, it’s really good. Full coverage makeup and baking isn’t really my thing, I always prefer a natural and even flawed canvas, so I’m a big fan of looking tired because that’s what I am. If you don’t want to look like Kim Kardashian but you also don’t want to look like a complete zombie, this highlighter/concealer hybrid thing is so worth it as it brightens your face up without a trace of makeup. Very no-makeup-makeup, very chic.


Sephora Lip Tint in “Purple Tint”

I’m not a very pinky person when it comes to makeup but I’ll make an exception for a solid lip tint. First of all. it’s incredibly long lasting, and for someone who has no self-control, constantly giving into cravings for La Croix and ramen, lip products that promise longevity is essential. Secondly, all you need is a tiny dot on your lips to achieve that “I just had a popsicle” look, essentially, you get a bang for you buck.


Glossier Wowder

I was never a powder person as I felt it always looked too powdery? too chalky? too done? but after using Glossier’s Wowder for eight months, I can finally say, I like this power, and only this powder. It actually looks natural, and for someone who’s always trying to embody natural skin but better, this is a great finely-milled product that nixes excess shine without leaving a matte finish. I would say the glowier the better, but it’s not true.

Anyways, those are my current makeup favorites. Talk to you tomorrow because I’m on a posting streeeaaaaaakkkk.

x Brenda

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    • Even though I never picked it up, I tried the primer in their showroom and I think it’s worth a shot! Also, I heard the wowder is a pretty good dupe for the La Mer powder so definitely give it a go 🙂 xx

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