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I’ve been inactive for a while but oh my! I’ve just been so swamped finishing Friends and watching Youtube hype beast videos, so you know how it is. But can I just say, Friends is enjoyable but it’s not as good as everyone else says it is, but that’s just my opinion. I feel strongly about this topic as I feel as though I’ve missed some epic season of Friends, but in the small chance I haven’t, it’s not as delightful as I had hoped it would be.

But that’s besides the point.

Greetings and salutations – I will be sharing my skincare routine! Now, I know I’m no Glossier model, but to be frank, years of mild skin problems have taught me a lot and I’m pretty sure I’ve got my routine down pat. I’m all for a fresh, glowing face so here’s what I do to achieve that ~I just spent ten hours in a charcoal sauna~ look.


I’m honestly not sure why I have such a bougie cleanser because when I’m done with this I’ll just go to Walgreens and get some 50 cent cleanser, but I still consider cleansing an essential step in my skincare routine. I don’t use any fancy brush or sponge to get a deeper clean, just use my fingers to foam up the product and rinse.


Okay you guys, if there’s ONE thing I will forever implement in my skincare routine, it’s toner, and my friggin’ favorite is the Biologique Recherche P50 1970 as it saved my skin from hormonal acne and those pesky bitches of clogged pores. It’s pretty pricy, but I swear, it’s sooo worth it, there are probably 50,000+ five star reviews of this on the internet so if that doesn’t sway you then here I am swaying you: buy this. It’s notorious for that “garbage juice” smell, but it just smells like herbs to me so suck it up buttercup!! Just run this over your face with a cotton pad and let it do its thing.


So there are so many different routes you can take with serums; basically they push in all the good stuff you want in your skin, and it’s much more efficient than any moisturizer as their molecules are minuscule and therefore able to better penetrate into the skin. Personally, my favorite brand for serums is The Ordinary as most products run from $6-$12 and are stripped down so your skin gets what it needs most. While there’s a massive range of serums and such to choose from, the one I’m currently using is “Alpha Arbutin,” which claims to brighten skin and fade dark spots. Always, always, always apply the thinnest products to your face first and work outwards to thicker textures, so considering that my serum is the most liquid-y, I apply a dropper of this all over my skin and massage it in.


Oils aren’t the best option for everyone as some skin can’t absorb it properly with its sebum production, but for me, it’s an essential step, especially during the east coast winters. I’ve tried a ton but my favorite is the Bio Oil that everyone and their dogs rave about, it’s incredible for active acne, scars, and the overall health of your skin. My biggest tip when it comes to applying oil though is to really warm it up in your hands before you massage it into your face as it will break down the product and have it soak in rather than sit on your skin,


Tans are temporary but skin cancer is forever! Trust me on this one, I used to NEVER wear sunscreen, even when I spent a day at the beach, but it’s absolutely vital that you wear sunscreen on a daily basis, even if it’s not sunny. One of the reasons why I never wore sunscreen before is because it usually leaves a powdery white cast, but the Glossier Invisible Shield does no thing. It has the texture of a gel moisturizer and lacks that sunscreen, baby powder scent which is perfect because in all honesty, with that “garbage juice” thing going on, you don’t want to add anymore scents to your face.

And that’s my morning skincare routine! Of course, I mask and have a slightly longer version for removing makeup, but this is the foundation of everything that comes after.

Also, obviously everyone has different skin so what may work for me may not work for you, but if it does, well you go binch!

xx Brenda

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