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As my mother loves to point out, my style has transcended into a weird combination between what a hobo would wear and what a street style star would wear, and in all honesty, I thank her. Though her comments are probably meant as a subtle yet desperate attempt to return my style to my Brandy Melville days, she’s not wrong: I constantly look like a (kind of) put-together hobo. Aside from my homeless looks, my mother likes to note how I wear pretty much the same thing everyday, but I can’t help the fact that I naturally gravitate towards my fashion staples which have become weird but dope pants, sk8er boi shoes (I can’t skate), and a bunch of other pieces I can’t think of as I write this introduction. Perhaps as a way to help me remember my other current wardrobe staples, I present to you what pieces I’ve been grabbing for on a whim.


Weird but dope pants

I have some strange affinity for statement pants, maybe it’s because I just like the look of trousers, or because I like looking like a clown, but nonetheless, I feel that statement pants add an unexpected element of interest to any outfit. We so often pair a cute, bold top with jeans and call it a day, but what if we were so daring, so radical to go so far as to pair a plain shirt with cute, bold pants? Earth shattering.

Sk8er boi shoes

Deep down, I know I’ll never attain that coolness prepubescent hypebeast skaters have, so instead I pretend I’m cool enough to camp out for Supreme drops by wearing checkered Vans and high-top Converse. My style has never been super feminine, which I suppose fits me well because if you met me, you’d immediately rate my maturity level the same as that of sixth grade boy, so to embody that vital part of me, I’ve always sought to roughen up a silk slip or lacy tank with beat sneakers. As of late, I’ve been ditching my retro Nikes for skater shoes as they’re a bit more classic, a bit more grungy, and a bit more me.

Plain Sweatshirts and T-shirts

This goes hand in hand with my affinity for statement pants as any sane person would know to not overbear an outfit with too many prints and or colors. So whenever I reach for my red cords, Burberry trousers, or wool color block pants, I simultaneously reach for an oversized white sweatshirt, black hoodie, or unisex t-shirt. In all honestly, I think standard sweatshirts and t-shirts are staples for anyone and everyone, but if I had the opportunity to wear a black hoodie over a glamorous, dazzling blouse, it would be in your best interest to bet on the black hoodie.

Gold Jewelry

Beside my unsophisticated humor and immaturity, you might also notice that I’m wearing an array of gold jewelry 24/7 thoughtfully curated from obscure flea markets, hidden Etsy gems, and personal gifts over past years. I feel complete with my jewelry because it makes an outfit that could be purchased feel more personal, and more me. In the end, all the things I wear, I wear because I feel like myself; I wouldn’t wear something unless I was emotionally or mentally uncomfortable (not physically though because beauty is pain) because it makes me feel bad-ass like what I was born to be.

So sorry mom! But those plaid pants and oversized hoops you hate are here to stay!

x Brenda

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