Let’s Catch Up


If you’re unaware, my blog magically disappeared into thin air, leaving me panicked, sweaty, and stressed, a travesty. But thanks to my friendly WordPress technician and $80 well-spent, But I’m Brenda is back and here to stay, you can quote me on that.

Since we last talked, a lot has happened: I went to China, my anxiety over college applications has only heightened, I discovered much more music than I ever thought possible, and I died and resurrected after season two of Stranger Things. In between those “major” events and beyond, I’ve rediscovered my purpose: to create. And out came a tsunami-like influx of inspiration and ideas, intangibles that will be manifested and showcased in new, upcoming posts. But for now, I’ll share a visual assemblage of my not-so-relaxing hiatus with past month’s playlist.


Keep in touch.

x Brenda

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The digital diary of a 18 year old // fashion, beauty, music, and musings... Contact: hello@brendaliang.com

2 thoughts on “Let’s Catch Up”

    • brendaliang@butimbrenda.com says:

      yes I am!!! So sorry for the long hiatus, life is crazy sometimes


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