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New discoveries, new favorites.

Dana Baby

I’ve followed @danababy97 on Instagram for quite some time because quite frankly, I aspire to reach the gritty, cool girl thing she’s got going on, and to be even more frank, I was ecstatic when I found her Youtube channel. Buzzfeed and TedTalk are great and all, but there’s a nostalgic charm about Dana’s videos. Her videos are so weird and youthful that they encapsulate the exact reason elders fear teenagers, but they’re also subconsciously raw and relatable coming-of-age short films.

Devon Lee Carlson

Like Dana, I was super excited to see that Devon had started a Youtube channel after following her on Instagram for some time: her videos are filmed and edited in a relatable yet enticing manner that showcase her life as a Californian entrepreneur and girlfriend of The Neighborhood’s Jesse Rutherford. And it doesn’t hurt that she’s stylishly down-to-earth, owns the cutest dog on the planet (sorry, Cleo!), and has the most contagious smile.

Grace and Frankie

After three months away from home I was lost as to how I should spend my days in my boring, mundane suburban hometown. While college applications and reconvening with friends was real fine and dandy, I needed something to fulfill my boredom so I perused through Netflix to find Grace and Frankie. The plot is incredibly entertaining: two 70-year old women’ husbands divorce them because they’re gay for each other, of course it’s funny. Plus, it’s incredibly relatable and up-to-date, sporting subtle nods to pop culture and politics. If you’re looking for a show to binge-watch and finish within a weekend, Grace and Frankie are your girls.

Halo Top

Yes I’ve been eating ice cream multiple times a day, yes, it’s bad, and no, I cannot get ahold of myself. Because I have no self-control when it comes to eating ice cream and no power to make myself workout, I found the happy medium: “healthy ice cream.” So I’ve replaced all the thick, creamy ice cream in the house with Halo Top and I am as happy as can be. First, it’s a healthier option as it only contains 280 calories in a pint, and the flavors aren’t as heavy as conventional ice cream so it’s pretty much guilt-free, and secondly, it tastes just as good, so just let me eat the ice cream, mom.

Bold Eye Makeup

If you asked me about wearing bright eye colors a few months ago I would have never done it for fear of looking like a Picasso (I love Picasso but that doesn’t mean I want to be one), but ask me now and I’m all for it. I’m still trying to figure out if its the power of Pinterest or my waging dismay for conformity, but I’ve been rubbing blue, purple, red, and pink all over my eyelids like a freak, and I’m loving it. There’s something so casually cool and chic about having a single color smudged on your lids: it’s more effortless than most everyday makeup looks but easily pulls a look together. Lately my favorites have been Urban Decay “Haight,” Makeup Forever “744,” RMS “Imagine,” and NARS “Goulue.”

Film Cameras

I’ve always had a fascination with vintage technology like the now-trending Polaroid, but there’s a familiar mystique about film cameras. I used to take a darkroom photography course in school in which I took photos without immediate results and would have to develop the film to get the actual images. I used to hate it because I was an impatient, angsty teen, but after watching a close friend of mine shoot film all summer, I’ve developed a newfound appreciation. I love the mystery of taking an image and waiting to finish a roll to see the photos, it’s unique and a fun nod to the decades before my birth.

The Real Real / Depop

I’ve always been a fan of online shopping and thrifting so when I discovered The Real Real and Depop, it felt like two of my favorite things were seamlessly meshed into one. Both sites are essentially online thrift shops, The Real Real being more of a consignment store as it exclusively carries authenticated secondhand designer, but both sites simplify the thrifting process. Thrifting is undoubtedly fun, but it’s usually consumes a few hours so for lazy people like me, being able to electronically sift through old clothes is a gift from God, blessed.


As you can infer, I’m a senior in high school, meaning college admissions are underway — relax a little!

x Brenda

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