Precursor to Getting It Together

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I started senior year of high school yesterday and while I’m not thrilled about it, I’m ready to take on every hell-driven challenge this year’s going to throw at me: college applications, 6:45am wakeup calls, and panic attacks about how I’ll never be successful. Because quite frankly, after helter-skeltering my way through the past three months, I feel that it’s time to get myself together. There are lots of things that need to be done to reach my satisfaction but the first few things that ignite my motivation are my minute abs that existed pre-summer are only visible with the squint of an eye, my forgetting how to hold a pencil, and my lack of motivation in completing every task for the day. Moral of the story: It’s September and I need to get it together.

This is definitely more of a digital reminder for me to actually do these things than a source of inspiration but I suppose you can join me in what I’m planning on doing this month to get it together.

1- Workout again so I can regain a singular ab and run my gym class’ warmup jog without being winded halfway through.

2- Eat healthy because we all know number one is a lie and if I’m not working out I might as well clean up my diet a bit.

3- Apply for colleges real early so I have ample time to stress before I get admissions results.

4- Get a head start on school work because senior year is no joke.

5- Truly (I mean, truly) not succumb to the need for conformity because I am too quirky to turn back.

6- Blog more, though no promises because my submergence in college applications is unfortunately way too real.

7- Sleep enough to get me through the school day. Notice how I said sleep enough?

I can already foresee that this list will never be wholly accomplished in one shot, but I since it’s now on the internet, I guess I’m accountable for it.

xx Brenda


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