I’ve spent the past God knows how many years of my life telling myself the same lie about how I’m going to miraculously muster up enough energy to declutter my entire life, and after many years, the time has come.

I was recently road tripping through Africa in which I had a lot of time to furiously type iPhone notes while gazing into the African sunset and listening to nostalgic Khalid songs. While a lot of sentiment naturally poured itself into my notes app and Moleskine, the notion that somehow found its way onto all of my now filled pages was about clarity and its power.

Coming home, I wanted to declutter everything to clarify my mind, my soul, and my life. I felt suffocated thinking about all the clothes I never wore, all the junk I never used, and all the people I didn’t care about on social media. It all sounds so petty, but even minute things like clothes, magazines, and Instagram users made me feel as if I was swimming through a thickened fog. I didn’t know why such minor things were making me feel so uninspired until I realized how I’ve always fed into this need to do things to simply do things.

I always did things like wear clothes I didn’t love, own things I didn’t use, and follow people I’ve only met once, because apparently that’s what you do, but it was never me. I would haphazardly go about my life without any intent or any purpose, I didn’t grasp the idea of making your life beautiful. But all of my traveling and its introspection has brought upon a new wave in how I want to live my life, I want to live it constantly inspired and constantly surrounded by things that progress who I am as both a creative and a person. And like the clothes and the digital following, it all sounds so silly, but it makes sense to me. I don’t want to live my life in a way I don’t really love. I want to enjoy every waking moment of it, just taking baby steps to get there is the easiest way for a seventeen-year-old girl to fulfill that.

So as you can imagine, I’ve spent my past few days home ripping my room apart, selling and donating old clothes, collaging old magazines, and reviewing underlined quotes in my favorite books, just digging through my mind for what really inspires me. If I’m being blunt here, my mom is not happy about the war zone that has become my room, but that’s just what happens when you’re in the midst of a major decluttering process. But despite the current mess, I already feel so much more free, so detoxed. And I think that’s what’s so powerful about decluttering, it just clears your lifestyle of excess, not physically but mentally. I still have way more sneakers and face masks than any human on this earth will ever need, but only the sneakers and face masks I really love remain. I think that’s what is so cool about curating your surroundings: you are able to take charge of the energy you live in and with, thus the energy that you become.

xx Brenda

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2 thoughts on “Detoxification”

  1. Jeanyna Garcia says:

    Thoreau would agree! Also, would you mind telling us how you re-used your old magazines (aka your collages) when you have time? I possess a lot of them too…mostly because I’m a hoarder 😉
    Thanks !


    • says:

      Hi Jeanyna!

      I’m so sorry for the terribly late response! Technical issues have been running high lately but I appreciate your comment, Thoreau is quite the influence 🙂 When I collage old magazines (or anything for that matter) I search for pages, images, and phrases that struck a chord with me upon first sight and I just tear it out so I end up with dozens of scraps that had some inspirational influence on me. I like to play a lot with geometric shapes and color schemes so I always group my scraps together to see how the overall aesthetic will look like and from there I just paste them onto a sheet of paper, or my entire wall hahaha. I think the cool thing about collaging is that you’re repurposing things you once loved but in a way apart from an editorial setting, meshing pieces of different articles and collections to make your own personal moodboard to inspire you in whatever way you allow.



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