Being “Unproductive” is Productive

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I’ve always had this notion that being tangibly unproductive was simply that: unproductive. Whenever I didn’t get all the homework I wanted to get done, finish all my edits, workout, be healthy, and stay “on top of it,” I felt useless. Last week I went to Starbucks with a friend thinking/hoping I’d finish all my assignments for the coming weeks…sike, I only finished an optional essay, ditching the rest of my planned assignments to eat falafel pitas and get gel nails. I spent the rest of the day feeling annoyed at myself for not doing what I had hoped, but looking back, that’s completely stupid.

When I was living a slow and painful death prepping for the SAT, I posted something along the lines of “we are human, don’t kill yourself over not constantly staying on top of it;” I thought I was qualified enough to talk about being human and accepting the ebbs and flows of life but little did I understand that you have to recognize the productivity in no productivity. It’s a mindset most of us have, we can’t accept the fact that life is life and that we can’t all be working even if we are workaholics, which I think I am. It’s so bad that whenever I should be enjoying myself with my friends, family, or just indulging in things I genuinely love doing, I’m simultaneously thinking about how much work I have to do. That is not okay!!! I need to let myself take breaks to recharge and revitalize my mind, body, and soul so I can focus on work when I need to.

Being “unproductive” is productive because your life cannot be a constant plateau nor an uphill, you need to strike that balance between work and play. You need to enjoy your life! Because why do we work? So we can physically or fiscally enjoy ourselves, but if we work so much and only think of that then what is left to enjoy? We live on this earth to experience feeling and the boundless beauty the universe has to offer, you can’t possibly confine yourself to working for something you won’t let yourself enjoy. So just as a little tidbit to take away, if you’re out having a grand time, DO NOT (I REPEAT, DO NOT) let yourself worry about all the things you have to do. What you’re doing right now — indulging in passions or spending quality time with loved ones — is productive, you’re living your life…isn’t that what we’re supposed to do in the first place?

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