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Unless you’re me, you probably spent this Easter eating candy and going on egg hunts, that sounds rad. But me? Hahahah! I was on a flight from Chicago to Queens! Not going to lie, my flight was pretty relaxing — I expected to write essays and get ahead on school work but a take-off nap turned into a two hour long deep sleep. Whatever happened on the flight back is irrelevant though, I went on my first college road trip! It definitely exceeded my expectations; I expected to sing along to country music (which I really can’t stand, sorry) with my family and pigging out on midwestern fast foods but was pleased to find out that college road trips actually are not that stereotypical and are quite…fun? I also ended up not putting all my eggs in one basket (punny) when it comes to my dream school so I would consider this trip a success.

With that being said, I wanted to document a small facet of my “coming-of-age” passage (college trips!) and so here’s a little vlog I whipped up along the way…plus a few pictures from my new favorite city, Chicago.

I promise I’m not as narcissistic as these pictures make me seem..this is what happens when you’re mom is a frenzied amateur photographer!

At least my motivation is hitting the fan.



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