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I know this is much, much delayed but school has been rather hectic. I suppose it’s better late than never, no?

On with the post…

March has been a whirlwind of a month for me, but in the best way possible. I learned and grew a lot mentally and emotionally which is why I’d say my first favorite of this month is the month itself. I’ve deeeeffffinitely accomplished quite a bit in March; I was productive, motivated, consistently inspired, and for the most part, I felt successful.


If you know me, you know I simultaneously love a bold purple eye and a very natural face. This month though, I’ve been really, really into a raw and semi-discheveled look. There’s just something so appealing about looking like your barest self but with a bit of enhancement. With that being said, I’ve been especially obsessed with my favorite brow product, Boy Brow, brought to you by Glossier. I’ve spoken about this a few times but this month, I discovered this efficient method of using it in which you backcomb and then comb through normally. It coats your brows twice as fast while maintaining the perfectly bushy brow. Two words, two syllables: In. Love.


Another Glossier product I’ve been loving this month is their new Cloud Paint, essentially a creamy yet opaque liquid blush that has a consistency comparable to that of a tined moisturizer. It’s just so DREAMY. The shades are inspired by New York sunsets and the design is inspired by acrylic paint, it’s just a very innovative product, but then again, it is Glossier.


THIS HIGHLIGHTER IS INSANE. As we makeup junkies know, Becca is arguably the reigning artist of all highlighters, so it should come to no surprise that their liquid highlighter is just as magical as their powders and creams. I just love it. It’s natural yet luminous enough to give a glossy glow, there’s just not much else to say. It’s super travel friendly and only take a few seconds to apply, so…yeah. Becca liquid highlighter, get it.


So as I previously mentioned, I’ve been very motivated and inspired this past month, and it’s pretty much all because of my bullet journal, God, I love this thing. I’ve used it for quite some time but fell off track because I thought I was clever enough to beat an at-the-time deemed useless tool, but no. This thing saved my life. I’m sure you all have heard of bullet journaling, it’s basically a system to export information onto paper in an organized and personalized way. Pretty attractive, right? And so I’ve revived my dandy journal and ever since, I’ve been banging out to-dos from my list and brainstorming more blog and Youtube ideas. It’s just a fantastic tool to get your life together, and I’m pretty sure everyone wants to get their life together.


This is pretty much a given, humans need water to survive, yes? Prior to March, however, I’ve been, for lack of better terms, chronically dehydrated. My pee looked like coffee-scented neon yellow glow-in-the dark-stick liquids. Just saying. So I’ve gotten my health together and just upped my hydration levels and I’ve just been feeling way, way more energized and healthy. So use this as a reminder to drink water. Everything is better when you’re hydrated !!!


As for music, the songs I’ve been listening to this past month have been all over the place, nothing really falls into even the most general genre. So to be as efficient as possible, here’s a long list of my favorite songs from this month and a few words to describe them in the most concise way possible.

“Electric” – Aline Baraz ft. Khalid / The lyrics are just so poetic and dreamily mesh with the melody in a very magical way.

“Congratulations” – Mac Miller ft. Bilal / Just a very cool song, the rap contrasted with classical piano notes makes for a very unique and cool sound…makes me feel some typa way lol

“The Other Side” – Conan Gray / I discovered this boy on Youtube and WOWOWOW I love him! He really inspires me to stay positive and inspired, and so of course, his music does so too. It’s a very lyrical song and his angelic voice does no detriment to the majestic vibes.

“Where Do We Go” – Solange / SO GROOVY. SO SOLANGE. SO GOOD.

“More Life” (Album) – Drake / Because it’s Drake, hello. Just a fire album, but my personal favorites are “Ice Melts,” “Free Smoke,” “No Long Talk,” “Blem,” “Gyalchester,”Portland,” “Teenage Fever,” “KMT,” and “Passionfruit.”

“Wait a Minute!” – Willow / Groovy, 80s-esque, and melodic.


I’m very particular when it comes to when and what series I watch and so it took me a few years to finally watch Breaking Bad. And OH MY GOD. I’d have to say, Breaking Bad is possibly the best show I’ve ever seen, hence the week it took for me to complete the entire series. It’s a very realistic, unglamorous spin on a classic American family. I’m still recovering from the finale because I got very, very emotionally attached to the characters, specifically Jesse. My goodness me.

So that’s pretty much all the favorites from March. Now that we’re in April though, I already have a bunch I’m super stoked to share so make sure you stay tuned for that post 🙂




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