Dear Bully Victims,

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I think everyone has been bullied at one point or another to some degree. I’ve never been full on bullied though I have dealt with a few instances in which I’m been victimized by someone else. For example, once at camp this kid made fun of me for not putting any effort into a kickball game (beyond dumb) and thought it would be amusing if he threw a water bottle at my head. He did not miss. Another time, a group of boys decided to gang up on me via text and commit act of misogyny, racism, and insulting in its purest form (they really packed it in there.) And, I’ve been backstabbed by people I once called my best friends. Those are only a few of my instances, as they seem like nothing compared to others who deal with bullies from a day to day basis.

It was actually brought to my attention that one of my best friends was being bullied both in real-life and online for being gay. As this deeply saddened me, it also angered me and inspired/motivated me to post about bullying in a refreshing manner.

As sad as it sounds, I truly think bullying is inevitable. The only way to ease the outcome is by approaching it differently, and that’s turning your bullying experience into a source of motivation to succeed.

So if you’ve been bullied or being bullied, keep these things in mind.


Let me explain. The people who are bullying you for whatever reason are obviously ignorant and entitled. Just know that life comes in full circle and that karma is absolutely not a myth. The closed-minded people you see torturing innocent souls are the people who will end up as pathetic low-lives. I can assure you that. Whenever someone is committing an act of bullying, it’s NOT your fault, it’s theirs for not seeing that their actions are wrong, and that there’s no flaw of address. They’ll get a taste of their medicine soon.


I know, bullying is a personal thing and can really get to you, but try your best to conceal your hurting. If you show your bullies that their ridiculous words are getting to you, they would only feed off of it more. Instead, completely, and I mean completely, ignore them. This means not asking for favors, not addressing their existence, nothing. If you feel compelled to hold them to their sins, call them out. Be respectful, don’t stoop to their level, and cleverly tell them that what they’re doing is wrong. If you need a go-to line…

“Maybe you should find another way to fulfill your pathetic life instead of bullying me out of pure boredom.”



Success is the absolute best way to get revenge on someone. Don’t bully them back or spread rumors, just be the best version of yourself. Work out to get in shape to look and feel your best (it’ll boost your confidence too), start a cool new project like a school club or a blog 🙂 , educate yourself and ace all your classes, treasure the friends you have, and exude an IDGAF attitude. This, my friends, inspires awe. And in the meantime, hold your head high and pretend like nothing gets to you. When you’ve hit your peak, I promise, your bullies will regret nothing more than being an utter jerk.



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4 thoughts on “Dear Bully Victims,”

  1. I completely agree that being successful is the best way to defeat bullying, not only does it make you feel good but it keeps you occupied so you don’t have to think about the bullying. What a unique post, love it✨


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