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china-2Yesterday, I had the liberty to march with several other thousand intelligent, open-minded, powerful, and independent people from all walks of life in the Women’s March in NYC. And to say the least, I’ve never been more proud to be a girl, especially one taking part in this huge movement that will go down in history.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’re probably aware of the Trump presidency and the uproar it has ignited internationally; while it definitely polarized the nation, it also somehow brought people together to fight for basic human rights…in solidarity.

I knew I wanted to march the second I heard about this worldwide movement, I had every right and reason to, but the moment I arrived to see hundreds of thousands of people of all races, sexualities, sexes, religions, and ages unite for one cause: love, was truly heart-warming. Tears were welled. CHINA-4.png

It was such a beautiful experience, and the fact that I was able to attend with some of the most soulful beings ever heightened the beauty of the day. I can’t even begin to express how incredible it was to peer over the Grand Central Station bridge to see the streets PACKED with people chanting “THIS IS WHAT DEMOCRACY LOOKS LIKE” and “MY BODY, MY CHOICE.” The unity, the love, the passion, and the energy made the day pure, pure magic. I will admit, there were haters, as there usually are. This guy who looked like he was from Duck Dynasty gagged at my sign, but hey! People were whooping and hollering because after all, love trumps hate. If anything, I learned that while my life is basically perfect, I have EVERYTHING AND MORE, there are people who don’t have civil rights, so being able to take a stand for my fellow earthlings was something I was adamant about. And on top of that, it taught me that NO MATTER WHAT, never, and I mean NEVER (!!!) be afraid to voice your opinions and stand up for what’s right, regardless of how overzealous or “high-key” you’ll appear, because the future is in our hands, and if we want anything to happen, we have to be active and fight for it.





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