Winter Survival Guide

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I never winced at the thought of winter, but now I do. And not to give you something to roll you eyes at, but I think it’s because of the delayed mercury retrograde. I’m craving adventure, sun, and saltwater, and New Jersey isn’t giving it to me.

What’s even worse is that we’ve weaned our way out of the holiday season so we’re kind of stuck in this awkward and stagnant time wedged in between the holidays and the warmth. Especially January and February, man, these months are boring. I call them The Doldrums because everyone is in a state of seemingly eternal boredom and depression, which I guess is the inspiration for this post. If I’m going to have to make my way through the remainder of winter, I’m going to do it with vivacity.

And so here’s my survival guide for the time remaining until the next REAL sliver of sunshine. The worst part of waiting three months for the continuation of our livelihoods is the fact that it’s a three month wait, but the best part is that we’ve got some wiggle room to get this guide down pat.

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T H E  G U I D E

Start a project.

Honestly, I don’t think there’s any time better than now to start a project. It can be a business, magazine, portfolio, renovation, piece of art, whatever. Either way, they all serve the same function: keeping busy, which is absolutely vital around this time of year. Besides, it’s not like you have anything better to do. So channel your passions and hobbies into an platform and put your energy into it. You won’t regret it, it might even get you somewhere in the long run.

Work on your wellness.

I think a lot of you guys have the resolutions to eat healthier and workout more. I’m not an idiot though, I know this goal isn’t going to see much upkeep, but at least push through the next few months, ok? You’ll feel a little more alive every time you sip on that kale smoothie and finish that workout class. AND! You’ll be proud of yourself once summer rolls around…

Master the art of the night-in.

As we’ve established, post-holidays and pre-summer is a very lackluster period in which social events are practically unheard of. With that being said, just master the art of the night-in. I’m talking face masks, baths, 80s movies, and a candle.

But also take every social opportunity.

While these months are pretty lethargic in the social realm, you’ll typically see some sort of semi-exciting event pop up once in a while, which is the exact reason why you should grab it by the balls and go along for the ride. These exciting night-outs are very rare these days.



Indulge in the little things.

And if all else fails (or not), indulge in the little things. Indulge in that engrossing book you just got, that new art exhibition, your coffee, whatever it is, indulge in it. Find beauty in the little things…it makes life (especially now more than ever) more beautiful.

Ps. This tip doesn’t only apply to winter.

Hope you feel a little better.


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  1. thebuttercupbaby says:

    I needed this! I am such a Summer baby so the Winter months are always tricky for me x
    The Buttercup Baby 🌼

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