Self-Love, baby.

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Though there is an increasing awareness and appreciation for self-love, I think it still holds a taboo tenderness. For whatever reason, loving oneself in any and all aspects is frowned upon because it’s noted as selfish or arrogant.

Honestly, I think it’s those actually selfish and arrogant people who have scathed the definition of self-love, because as evidenced, there’s a thin line between those who love themselves and those who are so in love with themselves, they considered themselves superior.

You gotta hand it to them though. They may have a huge ego, but at least they like themselves…

But we are supposed to love ourselves!!! We’re supposed to love our physical, emotional, and mental beings with such intensity that we can be perfectly content on our own. WITHOUT being conceited.

With that being said, by no means does that imply that I’m against love. Love is a beautiful thing, it makes us human, but how can we love someone else…or expect them to love us, if we can’t do the same thing for ourselves?

Obviously self-love is way easier said than done, but at least understanding the importance of it is a step closer to embracing ourselves, right?


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9 thoughts on “Self-Love, baby.”

  1. I just posted on self-love when I stumbled across this. I agree, there is a difference. I have always admired people who are unapologetically themselves. We should not think the world revolves around us, but be should have an unshakable certainty in the qualities that should be admired. Qualities like kindness, generosity, loyalty, being genuine. I wonder if there is anyone vain in those qualities…

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    • hmmm, you raise a really interesting point. i’m sure there are people who are vain while still embodying those qualities, but maybe not as vain as others? I will admit, being vain in inevitable, but it’s those who distinguish between self-love and arrogance who really make their mark… I could be wrong though as I’ve never looked at self-love from that angle. xx what do you think?

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      • I think its like you say, there is a small difference between self-love and arrogance. I think that arrogance is seen as a bad quality and I see arrogance as having such a high confidence and viewpoint of one’s own opinions and self that thy neglect other people’s opinions. I think self-love does require some of that “even if they don’t like me, I like me”. I think it’s more of knowing your ill traits, having self-awareness, and still loving yourself while working on them. Arrogance is more of denying viewpoints and opinions, even if they come from a good place and may be more knowledgable on a subject.

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