Night Time in New York & OOTN

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YAYYYY! I haven’t been in the city for a while, a few weeks to be more precise, until Sunday night when I finally reconvened with some of the best people I know.

My friends Gillian,  Evelyn, and Max have birthdays within two weeks of each other, so we decided to go out for dinner in New York, as the timing fit perfectly. Our friend was flying in from her home in Hong Kong for a night or two before my friend Evelyn was going to be on her way to LA so we all crammed in a night of full tummies and city skylines.

We went to NOBU, a bougie sushi restaurant, it was pretty damn good, and of course, ended the night at Max Brenners. It’s been at least 24 hours, I’m still full and bloated, yet I have absolutely no qualms.

I wanted to get a bit dressed up without going over the top so I opted for a well-fitting black dress from Aritzia paired with some fishnets and glittery heels from Topshop. Oh, and if you’re wondering, fishnets don’t keep you warm from the icy cold here in the Northeast.



See you soon!!


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