Winter Beauty Musts


East Coast weather is weird.

One day it’s sunny with the slightest breeze at 70 degrees (in the midst of winter, might I add), and other days it’s just so cold and windy that you question your ability to walk outside without getting sucked into an invisible tornado.

But I think the past week of straight frigid weather can serve as a gentle catapult into winter beauty, though I’m not sure if this wintry weather is even here to stay, considering it snowed last April.


I will admit, winter beauty is the most difficult and demanding thing (beauty-wise!) to manifest because as we all know, flaky and dull skin and static-y hair are not the keys to glacial glories. Which is why I’m here — to open your droopy and lazy eyes to the world of winter beauty.

T H E  L I S T

untitled-design-8Glossier “Cake” // Glossier “Jam”

If you’ve read But I’m Brenda before, you’re probably aware of my infatuation with Glossier. Now, I’m not gonna get into my obsession with the brand because that would just be redundant. But what I will get into is my obsession with their specific product — Generat
on G. If you asked me what I could describe the Gen Gs as, I really couldn’t tell you. But I will persist, though I’m 100% positive this may not be the proper definition. Gen G is pretty much a weightless matte balm…? It’s not quite moisturizing considering it is matte, but it’
s not drying whatsoever. It just feels weightless.

As for the colors, Cake and Jam are my current favorites, especially for the winter months. Cake is a my lips but better sorta thing which is perfect for when it’s so cold my lips have shriveled into nude dates. As for the latter, Jam is just that, my jam! Puns aside, it’s the perfect berry color. It’s not too dark that you’re mistaken for a dazed and confused vampire trying to find its way back to Halloween, but it’s not too light that it looks like you’ve messed up on a Barbie pink lip. It’s just right.

Nars Concealer “Ginger”

After months of trying to figure out what was causing the radical formation of unknown planets on my forehead, I realized it was PMS. I really don’t know why it took me a literal four months to figure it out but I did…in November. Yep. While I still try to figure out a w
ay to combat hormonal acne (I’ll get back to you on that), I have and will continue to rely on this trusty ol’ thang. I never cared for this “cult favorite” because I think everything is overrated from T
aylor Hill (sorry) to this Nars concealer, but after seeing the magic it performs on my pimples and acne scars, I can’t help but to rethink Taylor Hill’s “overrated-ness.” Back to the point, it’s a flawless coverall concealer, is what it is.

untitled-design-7Marc Jacobs Magic Marc’er Precision Pen “Midnight Brown”

I’m very on and off with liquid liner but lately it’s been more of a whenever I please sorta thing, this being my go-to liquid liner. It’s opaque and persists through wind, tears, rain, you name it, but easy to remove the second that Bioderma glides on your wing. It’s just sharp you know? Perfect
for times where you either need to slay or cut 👏 a 👏 bitch 👏.


IGK Down and Out Dirty Spray

Yeah, you read that right. DIRTY. SPRAY. Call this a blessing, but I hate having shiny and straight hair, especially with my baby bob. It’s just too…pristine, you know? I love that gritty, bedhead, piece-y vibe, and this spray delivers. It adds some shine while separating your hair and creating a kinda messy tousled look which is what I consider a perfect hair day. Essentially, it’s a key component of the “Hobo Chic” starter pack. Goals.

Winter doesn’t have to be all about burgundy lips, ladies!


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