The Meadows Music Festival

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My Sundays usually consist of slamming the books and drool-sogged pillowcases but not this time, not this time. I went to The Meadows Music Festival this past Sunday, October 2nd, and it was absolutely incredible. Not only was the lineup curated yet extensive, it was good. Like flat-out good, maybe even bomb. Best lineup imaginable. I saw Bryson Tiller, Mac Miller, Borns, Cage the Elephant, The 1975, Chance the Rapper, and…KANYE WEST. It definitely was a little disappointing when we were all riled up for his iconic “Heartless” song only to hear “…heart-sorry, family emergency, gotta go.” *bolts off stage*, but hey, if Kim K was my wife, you best believe that would’ve been me too. But nonetheless, the day was absolutely amazing and memorable and as you would suspect, the best Sunday yet.

Oh yeah, I know I’ve been awful. AWFUL, with posting. I’ve been so swamped lately but I have a long weekend soon so I will definitely be getting more content up both her and on my Youtube!Weekend vlog-2.pngWeekend vlog.png


Untitled design.jpg



Top: Free People
Vest: Aritzia
Skirt: Topshop
Boots: Melissa

(I know, I cannot keep still for my life. My excuse? KANYE.)

Okay, gotta go be a little nostalgic now.


**Pics taken by me and Adrianne Coppola

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