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I was really trying not to bring school into my blog because God knows we all don’t need that negativity in our lives but I think with the back to school season and all I can’t keep chanting: “The only school supplies I’m gonna need this year is a bulk pack of toilet paper for all the bullshit I’m gonna encounter,” but actually come to terms with the fact that I will be inundated with a multitude of work on an hourly basis. I’m aware of the fact that a lot of my readers are, in fact, fellow high school students, and a few high school alumnae so I figured this post would help us all prepare for the trauma that’s about to hit us like a coach bus on the freeway. So whether you’re an incoming freshman, a returning student, or even a graduate looking to reminisce and wallow in nostalgia for old times’ sake, here are the things you need to know before stepping through the doors of hell.

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T H E  T I P S

 Popularity does NOT exist

I never understood why people are so strung on popularity and I’ve always known, even from a young age that it, in fact, does NOT exist. There are NO popular groups, just different cliques and friend groups. Call it what you will, but if your mindset is clearly seeking to become “the most popular person in school”, you will be disappointed.

People will always talk

Something that I’ve learned over the years, even if it was incredibly difficult to grasp and accept, is that people will always talk badly about you. You could be the nicest and most generous person on this planet, and there will always be one, if not several or even many people, who will have something to say. So next time you hear some absurd rumor or a snarky comment, just hold your head high and keep moving on. People are going to talk no matter what so you might as well do your own thing and live up to your OWN expectations.

Go to class

Personally, I’ve never skipped class because I think it’s stupid which is why I’m telling you to actually go to class. You are at school to learn, and you have classes for designated times  so essentially, you’re forced to go to class, so just do it while you’re there. I mean, what the hell are you going to do skipping class, wander around the halls? Just suck it up and sit in class, even if you’re going to sleep, at least your attendance will be accounted for.

Do your best

I know, school is hella hard and it’s frustrating, aggravating, and time-consuming. I’m not going to sit here and tell you how I’m a perfect student because I’m definitely not but what I am telling you to do is to do your best. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve looked back and was like: “ugh, I should have worked harder.” So do your best, your future is counting on it.

Don’t be embarrassed

If you ask a stupid question in class, answer something wrong, pee in class, or fall, whatever it is, it’s not as bad as you think it is so don’t be embarrassed. Like anything, you’re the one who is overthinking everything, no one else is sitting there in a trance thinking about how you answered 5 when it was really 19 four weeks ago. No one cares. So just chill and move on.

I hope this was a refreshing take on the back to school advice :))


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