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I realized that 99% of the reviews on the internet are positive, just me? Even the product reviews I post are all about my favorites, still completely honest, but I feel like it’s time to bring out the big guns and essentially all the products I’ve tried that just were not worth neither the hype nor the money.

I don’t mean to be negative and all, but you know.


T H E  L I S T

Naked 3 Palette

I got this a few years ago for the sole reason that at the time, all the Youtubers and major beauty bloggers were raving about it. For the months that I was under the spell of the Placebo effect, I’d be applying this crusty eyeshadow chanting, “I love this palette, I love this palette, I love this palette”, when all I wanted to do was cry off the eyeshadow. WHICH, may I add, would not have been the slightest bit difficult because this palette is such bad quality. I mean, the colors are absolutely beautiful but they barely even show up. The fallout basically sums up my past friendship with someone I now despise, and the actual eyeshadows, in the pans, fall out too. As you can see, I’ve lost about 3 of them. And the mirror broke, but that’s my fault.

Smashbox Photo Finish Primer

After seeing all the positive reviews on this primer on Sephora, I decided to give it a go, but only in the sample size. God bless my 14 year old heart, because had I purchased the full one…man. To be blunt, this product sucks more than a kindergartener on a Ring Pop. It’s not only difficult to blend, but it’s also chalky, and just gross. I cannot fathom why one would like this. AND, it doesn’t minimize my redness as it promises. Maybe I got a bad batch? It just did not live up to my expectations…unfortunate but true.

The Balm TheManizer Palette

I’ve seen these highlighters all across the internet so when I stumbled upon this palette a few months ago in Kuala Lumpur, I was like “what the hell”, and there went whatever conversion it is from $28 to the Malaysian currency. I don’t completely regret it because the only decent thing in here is the Mary-Lou Manizer but I cannot even get past the swatches for both the Cindy and Betty Lou-Manizers. The Mary-Lou Manizer is a typical shimmery highlight which is just mediocre. However, the other two have too interesting of pigments for me to even apply on my face. The middle shade is supposed to be used as highlight but it’s too pink. And it’s too glittery for blush. And the bronzer shade is WAY too orange-toned and also way tooooo glittery and shimmery as an all over bronzer. I’m just not impressed.

Kylie Lip Kit in Dolce K

WOW, a negative review on a Kylie Lip Kit? Who would have thought, right? Well, I didn’t think this would happen. I wouldn’t say it’s terrible though, maybe a 3/5 but it’s a bit disappointing for all the rage and hype that’s surrounded this cult product. Before this, I’ve never had any experience with liquid lipstick but I found this way too drying. My lips were starting to crack after 3 minutes and shrivel into the lip version of prunes. I couldn’t even imagine how my lips would feel after an hour or three as this promises a long lasting durability. And the color just looks ludicrous on me – literally like I smothered grey Crayola all over my lips, but that’s just something with my complexion. I have very warm toned skin which is exactly why it looks so good on my friends who have cool-toned skin! I think the lipliner is great though. If you don’t mind a little dry lip, then I would actually recommend this but it was a bit dissatisfying for what I expected.

Would you guys be interested in seeing my holy-grail products?


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