Current Lip Rotation 2.0

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I posted a current lip rotation not tooooo long ago, but basically I just shared all of my current lippie favorites at the time. Well, it’s been a few months, and things have definitely changed, including my hair and reliance on coffee, so I think it’s about time I update you guys on my NEW current lip rotation. Last time, I had a myriad of pretty pinks but not today ladies, not today. I’ve been rotating between some bolder pinks, darker nudes, the works. So let’s get rolling! Get it? Rolling? Like rotation? Okay, we’re done now.


T H E  L I S T

Glossier Generation G in “Jam”

I’ve been wanting this for months but unfortunately Glossier was out of stock for the several months I’ve wanted it. What are the chances, right? Well, God is clearly on my side considering the fact that I FINALLY GOT THIS SUCKER! And it was worth the wait. I’ve always strayed from the bold lip thing because I never found the effort to line my lips and ace a remarkably precise application but Glossier once again mastered the art of effortless beauty. Except this time in purple. You can build it up from sheer to opaque which is the best part about it, so I highly recommend you snag this baby before it all runs out…again.

Rimmel Lipliner in “Tiramisu”

So browny nudes are apparently still a thing, but I’m not complaining whatsoever. I finally found the perfect and super-affordable lip liner that’s available at any drugstore, and it’s this insanely pigmented lip liner in the shade “Tiramisu”. It’s suitable for any skin tone and doesn’t have that dried out slash gritty feeling which is a plus no matter what. I’ve just been lining my lips with this and tapping on a bit of lip balm for moisture and a slightly more defined lip.

Marc Jacobs Lipstick in “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang”

Since I’m a ridiculous human being and have 1543 points as a Sephora VIB member (and I used 2 500 pts and a bunch of 100s…), I got the courtesy of receiving this mini lipstick for my birthday gift last year. I was a little pissed to see it was a crazy bold fuchsia but after a few months, I think I got the hang of how to use this thing in a more natural yet eye-catching way. Literally smudge a bit in the center of your lips and smudge even more. Yep. You’re done. And you DON’T look like the joker.

Fresh Sugar Tinted Lip Treatment in “Petal”

I’ve had this stashed in my makeup drawer for a while now but I just starting putting it to good use again and I’m finally starting to remember why I purchased it in the first place. Not only does it have SPF 15, which is muy importante for the last few weeks of summer, but it’s also very very moisturizing and and pigmented in its own tint. It’s a bit of a rosy berry shade that you can build up from basically nothingness to a bold lip. Not sure if I’m supposed to be using a lip balm after 2 years of owning it but I still have a lot left and it works just as well…

Who knows, maybe I’ll be rocking a deep red lip next time.


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