The F Word: Feminism

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Nowadays, the F word doesn’t seem like that bad of a word. Right? I mean parents are making their kids say it to become a Youtube sensation. It’s in almost every single song on the planet. It slips out of a teacher’s mouth here and there. And parents involuntarily say it all the time. It’s pretty much as common as saying, “hello, how are you?” or “bye!” which I guess is the reason there’s a new F word in town: Feminism.

Hi, I’m Brenda Liang. I’m 16 years old and I’m a feminist. Sorry, I didn’t mean to offend you, I didn’t know it was so crude of me to believe in gender equality. Which raises the question: Why is feminism so disturbing to some people?

Probably because there’s a stigma attached to feminism saying that feminists think that “women are better than men.” but that’s only extremists. Like anything else, there are extremists who push the limits on a simple concept that’s completely practical. Look it up, people! Feminism is literally the belief that women are equal to men. Don’t believe me?

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Women are on the same pedestal as men. Like black and white, young or old, women are born equal to men, there is absolutely no reason men are better. But somehow society makes us think that men are because of the absurd things that come out of people mouths. So is it crazy for someone to believe that all humans are created equal? Why is it seen as such a negative thing?

A lot of my friends don’t even admit to being feminist. But here’s the thing. If you believe in gender equality, you’re a feminist. Feminism is not being a crazy woman pumping a spear in the air, feminism is simply the belief that women are equal to men.

If you’re not a feminist, you’re supporting misogyny. So maybe you are a feminist, a low-key one at least.


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22 thoughts on “The F Word: Feminism”

    • Hey Karoline, thanks for the support and insight, seriously means sososo much! and same, a lot of people don’t understand the real meaning of feminist/feminism and are quick to judge one when they say they are a feminist. Hopefully with more people like you, gender equality will not be frowned upon. 🙂 XX -Brenda

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    • this is awesome, nothing beats girl power ❤ glad to hear you enjoyed and hope you stop by again soon :)) maybe we can get more teens to advocate for feminism -brenda


  1. I actually really love this post because I never considered myself a “feminist” since everyone I know has always, like you said, treated it as such a negative term. I never actually looked up the definition… So knowing now that it simply means believing in equality between genders, I guess I am a feminist. I just knew that I was not one of those “women should rule the world” types, unlike my mother. I feel that everyone is equal until they’re not — if you know what I mean. Really good post!

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  2. Nice Article! The “F” word itself has negative sexual connotations because it implies a violent sexual encounter. Its prevalence is just another example of how rooted our society is in sexual ideals. Similarly, terms like the b word and son of a b word, and p***y are used to shut down men, but they’re really dehumanizing women. They send out the message that being compared to a woman is the worst thing ever.

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    • i know!! women are as strong and powerful as men are and while others may disagree, there is so changing that FACT. people need to stop objectifying women and our bodies- its disgusting and in fact very dehumanizing. love your insight and thank you for the follow! 💖✨


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