3 Fabulous Face Masks

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I’m pretty into masking, I feel like I’m doing something for my skin while I can do other things that I normally wouldn’t do like clean my closet, rewatch my favorite The Office episodes (best show), or clip my toenails.

Multitasking 101, am I right ladies and gentlemen? I think I’m right. But like anything else, quantity over quality! Wait, I meant quality over quantity. I really need to work on these cliche sayings because every time I say this (not to a lover just to my friends as a joke…lol) I always end up saying, “It’s not me it’s you” when really it’s “It’s not you it’s me.” But I guess it depends on who I’m saying that to.

So with the whole quality over quantity thing in mind, here are my top 3 favorite face masks that are, yes, indeed quite freaking fabulous.


T H E  L I S T

Peter Thomas Roth Sulfur Mask

Ew sulfur! The stuff that makes our farts smell like farts is good for our skin? Well, only if you use a product with 10% of it. The cool thing about sulfur though is that it’s really good at effectively clearing the gunk out of our skin. It’s as powerful in the skincare industry as it is in the odor of our farts. I really had to look up some of this information on an article called What Is A Fart? So you better realize that I’m not messing around. With a blend of sulfur with kaolin and bentonite clays and aloe, it’s great at clearing your skin so I recommend splurging a bit for this lovely old thang.

Glossier Moon Mask

I never really care for hydrating my face via masking but somehow this Glossier one makes me want to 24/7. It’s very moisturizing, almost like a super thick cream but it’s also really refreshing. It has a minty-ish feeling to it which makes it extremely satisfying, but not as satisfying as the way my face feels after I rinse. And the packaging is too cute!! AND, it’s called a moon mask which makes it that much more intriguing than plain old “Moisturizing mask”, Glossier, you’ve done it again.

Caudalie Detox Mask

Whether it’s a juice or not, “detox” is a word that will always appeal to me and a detox face mask is absolutely no exception. I love this mask because it dries to a light pink clay so you look like a super cute serial killer, the ultimate goal, right? But yes, it dries like crazy, you cannot move your face what. so. ever. Whenever I’m using it I’m always like, “Is this what it feels like to have botox?” But seriously! Your skin feels really nice and tight after and all of your blemishes are minimized afterwards. I looovee this stuff.

Happy masking!


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7 thoughts on “3 Fabulous Face Masks”

    • sadly I haven’t tried any glamglow masks :(( but I’ve wanted to try the clarifying charcoal mask and the cool alien-esque silver peel-off one for a while haha, which glamglow mask is your favorite? xX -b

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      • My favorite one is the youthmud mask (the one in the black packaging). Its supposed to be anti aging, help with wrinkles and even out the skin but i actually think it works great on oily skin and for acne!! Sometimes I even use it as a spot treatment. Idk if you struggle with acne but if you do try it! /KM

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