Current Underrated Beauty Favorites

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I’m not gonna lie, I’m in a pretty grumpy mood: the wifi isn’t working which is why I’m on Notes right now, my leg hairs are so long I can practically French braid them, I’m sweating everywhere because the AC isn’t working – I didn’t know you could sweat out of your shins but apparently you can, I inhaled my sushi roll in a matter of 1 minute causing my stomach to raise 5 inches, and I simply do not have the endurance to walk up to my room.

All I want to do is lay sprawled on my shower floor while listening to Drake music as the freezing cold water bounces off my insanely bloated stomach. Did I mention the fact that my breath probably smells and that I not only have bad breath in my mouth but also under my arms? Because I do. Obviously, not my best moment.

On the bright side, I’m getting the benefits of a sauna inside my house for the discounted price at free so maybe sweat coming out of every pore in my body is a good thing. You know, sometimes I feel like I need to filter myself and my disgusting visuals but then I remember that my blog is completely raw and unfiltered and you’re just gonna have to learn to love me for who I am.

So aside from all of the disgustingness going on in this 90 degree house of mine, I’ve got some products that I’ve been loving. I’m sure you don’t want any more of my descriptions of how nasty I look and feel and smell right now so we’ll just cut to the chase, ok?


T H E  P R O D U C T S

La Roche Posay Thermal Water

As I’m typing this, I’m misting my face with this water that could possibly just be holy water in an aerosal can. It’s that good. It’s super hydrating and refreshing which makes it a must have for summer. Especially since I’ve been traveling a lot lately, this product is great to replenish your skin after a long flight or whenever your skin is having difficulty adjusting to a different climate. Plus, who doesn’t like a can of water dreching their face in water? I like it.

& Other Stories Mint Lip Balm

I have an obsession with lip balms, especially beautifully packaged ones and this mint lip balm is no exception. It’s hydrating yet not sticky at all, glossy but once again, not sticky, and it smells good without smelling artificial. It’s also packaged in this super cool, super modern tube that’s perfect for throwing in your bag whenever you need. In short, this mint lip balm is the bomb diggity.

H&M High Impact Eye Color: Russet Rose

I actually got this product by accident. Normally I would never even step foot in a 5-foot vicinity of an orange eyeshadow which is ultimately why I call this product an accident, but a good one at that. I initially thought I was picking up this cool taupe color that I have like 10 others shades similar of until I went home and realized that nope, I got this rosy orange eyeshadow from H&M for $6 instead. It’s been sitting in my drawer for months without use until recently when I realized that I would have actually spent more than $6 for this thing. It’s not a cream but somehow it blends seamlessly with my fat finger and looks vintagey and unexpected. Definitely not a full-on orange but it’s definitely a little different than your typical eye makeup look. Somehow though, it looks natural and good for everyday but it’s still different…plus, you can get this at H&M so what are you waiting for?

Formula X Nail Polish: Dollface

For the past few months I’ve only been wearing baby pink on my nails because it’s not only cute and classic but really versatile. I’m not a very neat person but I’m crazy OCD when it comes to the versatility of my nail color, I’m weird. But not only is this color so on point, the quality and formula is too – I guess that’s why they call it Formula X. It’s thin yet opaque, which helps it dry in a minute or two. It also lasts at least 10 days which makes my life so much easier. I’m a busy gal – between sleeping in to 12pm and watching Netflix and reading all day, worrying about my chipping nails is something I clearly have no time for. I really hope you guys realize that I’m not serious and I’m being sarcastic.

Glossier Boy Brow: Brown

I didn’t really care for this product when it came out because at the time I was using Benefit Gimme Brow, another cult brow favorite. It wasn’t until I made a massive order on Glossier that I just decided to throw this product into the mix because Glossier never fails to impress me and this brow product did nothing less of that. It’s pretty much the same concept as the Benefit Gimme Brow but somehow it’s that much better. It fills my sad, sad brows in, in like 10 seconds without making it look like I used a jumbo black Sharpie to attempt to thicken up my brows. It’s natural and looks a tad scruffy which for whatever reason I’m really into.

Considering the fact that my pores are probably getting clogged by the milisecond, I maybe should take that ice cold shower now.


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  1. I love your intro! 🙂 I love the H&M cream shadows. After your reading your blogpost, the powder eyeshadows seem awesome too. I was just wondering how do they wear? Do they last well on the eyelids? Thanks! 🙂

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