Accepting Defeat to Perfection

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With expectations from media and society in full swing, I find that the younger generation, if not almost everyone is attempting to achieve perfection. To be quite honest, I don’t even think perfection exists, but why are we constantly striving for this phenomenon?

Whether we be searching for the “perfect partner” perfect outfit”, or “perfect body” we’re always looking for perfection. What does perfection even mean though? Flawlessness? Well, lets ask our friend Merriam Webster who defines perfection as:Screen Shot 2016-07-14 at 3.38.56 PM

I think that’s bull though. While this definition may be written in print on paper, I think the idea of perfection is undefinable. What may be perfect to one may be the worst case scenario to another…which brings me to my next point.

Why are we still seeking for perfection? Society and media are telling us that in order to be perfect we have to be skinny yet curvy, pretty yet unique looking, self-loving but not narcissistic, smart but not a smarty-pants…it just seems like there’s a whole “10 Commandments” out there dedicated to achieving this unrealistic yet ideal creature. Note how I didn’t say human…

Why can’t we just appreciate everyone’s “flaws?” Why are we all trying to be perfect if it doesn’t exist?

But these questions have no answer because no matter how much you try to figure it out, everyone is so intensely fixed on perfection that we’ll never come to a conclusion or even an epiphany as to why perfection is even a remote concept.

I feel like we should all just accept defeat to perfection. “Nobody’s perfect, you live and you learn it.” (like if u get it 😏) and I know that’s cliché but no one will ever reach that level of satisfaction.

Maybe that’s the answer. Perfection doesn’t exist because humans are genetically never satisfied, ever.

Woah. I just blew my own mind. Did I blow yours? I’m really curious about your guys’ thoughts on this so please let me know!

I usually think about these deep topics all the time whether I’m in the shower, car, etc. but I don’t voice these concerns, if you will, too often on the blog. If you guys are into some more thought-provoking topics, comment below so i can have some more things to think about when I’m procrastinating doing my real work and I’ll report back!



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8 thoughts on “Accepting Defeat to Perfection”

  1. The other thing your post made me consider is how much of what humans achieve towards is based on addictions. We look at power, money, even under-eating and over-exercising, they are all addictions, but addictions media glamorizes. I heard someone on the radio talking about drugs and they said that there are two problems, drug trafficking and drug addicts and you can only combat one of them and the other will be around forever. We should look at the American addiction to perfection as a similar problem. As you pointed out popular media is often the one causing the problems. We need to combat the way our messages are delivered to young children. Wow that’s a long comment, anyway love your post- Mira

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    • Wow, I didn’t even think about that – totally cool perspective. I’m gonna need like three hours to soak that in lol but awesome comment! I’m really glad you enjoyed as I love your comment and feedback. I hope you stop by again soon xX

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    • thanks for the insight and follow, it really means a lot. I was thinking about this on a 3 hour bus ride yesterday and I scrambled to type all my thoughts into my phone so I could start some discussion here. I was like “Am I crazy or is this a thing?” Great to know you agree! xX

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