A Case For the Summer Sweater

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Now that I’m in Salzburg, Austria (Mozart’s hometown!) I’m able to break out the summer sweater and in turn make a case for it. Contrary to popular belief, summer isn’t ultimately defined by denim shorts, bikinis, and tan lines but also thin, cropped sweaters. So if you live in a chillier summer climate, you’re constantly cold (like my grandma), or you find the summer evenings as brisk as I do, especially living on the east coast, listen up – I’m making a case for the summer sweater.

Some random magazine like Vogue or something once said you should never wear white after Memorial Day. Well, I disagree, I’m gonna wear white whenever i freaking want! Keeping the ensemble to an all white monochrome scheme lightens the idea of a sweater on a summer day or night.

The fabric and cut is also essential to keep in mind. In the fall and winter I’m all about a bulky turtleneck sweater but in the warmer months, think thin and cropped shapes that keep the look lightweight and breezy.

T H E  L O O K


S H O P  T H E  L O O K

Case closed.



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