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I headed over to Barnes and Noble a few days ago because a) I was in desperate, DESPERATE need of new light-hearted summer reading material and b) I’m going on vacation! And what is a vacation without a good book, right?

So yeah…I’m back on that reading grind and boy, is it better than ever. Last summer I was just pushing for hardcore murder mysteries and while I’m still the BIGGEST fan of Gone Girl and all, I’ve been down for easy reads, light reads if you will. So don’t be looking for chilling thrillers today because girl, if you are, you’re in the wrong place. At least for now.

Now back to the vacation thing, yes! I’m going on vacation, and I am thrilled. Thee-rilled. New Jersey was getting boring, anyway. Not like that’s breaking news or anything. But that’s right, I’ll be headed on a summer road trip around Europe and if you’re interested in where I’m going specifically, well, I guess you’re gonna have to come back to find out. Basically, I’ll be posting about my outfits, days in Europe, and much more so…stay tuned!!


 T H E  R E A D S


The Vacationers by Emma Straub

I actually just finished this a few days ago in the span of two days. TWO days!!! It’s an easy and light-hearted read so it serves as a perfect “….read-it-with-sunglasses-on-the-beach-read” as People Magazine states. If People Magazine is pleased, then so am I. Why is it so perfect for summer? Because it’s about a family that goes on vacation, duh! And also, a lot secrets come out too…


Laura Lamont’s Life in Pictures by Emma Straub

I was so into The Vacationers, I had to pick up another one of Emma Straub’s books. Laura Lamont’s Life in Pictures is actually based in Hollywood of 1920 so imagine retro and glamorous wit embedded throughout the story. Once again, People names this “Masterful” while The Washington Post describes it as “Bighearted…A witt examination of the psychic costs of reinvention in Hollywood’s golden age.” AND Entertainment Weekly and the Oprah Winfrey Magazine like this too! These are some legit magazines, people!


This One is Mine by Maria Semple

For whatever reason I seem to be in the minority when I say that I, in fact, did NOT enjoy Where’d You Go, Bernadette? A New York Times Bestseller, I really just did not enjoy it on a captivating level. But this? I dig it! I think the plot is better than Semple’s more popular novel in the sense that it’s more sharp and scintillating. The characters too, woo! They are really something! Everything in this book is so well portrayed and vivid, definitely a good read.



The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

A little classic never hurt nobody, no? I would say I’m a very profound and philosophical person, maybe even inspiring, I hope so. God, I’m tooting my own horn, damnit. But aside from my hopefully good personality traits, I’m always looking for something to stay inspired. The Alchemist is described as “…dazzling in its powerful simplicity…” and laces “soul-stirring wisdom” in the story so I’m beyond excited to read this. Apparently this book changes lives, if that’s not enough reason to get you on board, I really don’t know what will.

So there you have it, what to read this week! I’m really thinking about reviewing The Alchemist to see if it lives up to my expectations. But in the mean time, travel posts! Don’t forget to check in every few days to see what I’m doing, eating, and wearing in Croatia. Erm, Europe.



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