3 Must-Have Multi-Purpose Products

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So I did a Makeup x Minimalism post a little while back but I didn’t really get into the multi-purpose products you need to know now. Like NOW. Pronto, ASAP, whatever other way there is to say now, plop it at the end of this sentence: “I need these multi-purpose products _________.” Did you get the memo that you need these products now?

Yes, there is a sense of urgency with these miraculous potions, if you will, because if you’re using a different product for every part of your face, you’re doing something wrong. That’s for sure.

I mean, it’s summer. And even if you’re not trotting off to some absurd tropical destination, it’s always better to minimize your makeup, right? But if you are trotting off to some absurd tropical destination, 1) You lucky bitch, and 2) You’ve come to the right place. No one wants a separate suitcase just for makeup.

So, whether you’re a lucky bitch, or not-so-lucky bitch, a few multi-purpose products can’t hurt.


T H E  P R O D U C T S

Glossier || Haloscope

Unless you’ve been living under a rock (you’ll get the joke when you reach the end of this paragraph), you probably know that crystals (ROCKS!!) are supposed to bring you all sorts of energies. Specifically, topaz and quartz apparently bring good vibes. Yes, you can carry crystals in your pocket but what’s better than putting it on your face. (This is not a question hence the absence of a question mark.) Yeah, that’s right! These highlighters have grinded up crystals PLUS a castor/coconut oil/other awesome stuff core to add natural moisture. So you can use this as a highlighter or eyeshadow. Glow without the sparkle and juice cleanse. Nothing beats that.

The Face Shop || My Lips Eat Cherry Lip Tint

It looks daunting in the bottle but I swear it’s the best thing ever. It’s actually only for your lips but rules are meant to be broken, no? You can sheer it out on your lips for a slight just-bitten look or go a little heavier on the lips for a vampy yet sheer and summery look. The perfect mixture between vampy and summery is ineffable, but I guess you just gotta buy it and try it for yourself (that’s what I call good marketing). Oh, and you can put this on your cheeks! Make sure you blend quickly though, otherwise you’ll look like a clown. Also, dotting a TINY amount on the tip of your nose will give you a slightly sunburnt but healthy look. You’re welcome.

Kevyn Aucoin || The Precision Brow Pencil

You can use this as eyeliner or brow pencil as it states is its only purpose. Well, no. It’s not the smudgiest so if you’re looking for that sorta look, this isn’t really the pencil to get but if you’re looking for a cool toned brown that looks unexpected and totally, well, cool, this IS the pencil to get. And brows? On point. I was going to type “on fleek” until I realized that I’m not a ratchet twelve year old who gets Victoria’s Secret Pink yoga pants with “PINK” written in pink sequins on my ass. But for this pencil I guess I could sacrifice my dignity. Brows on fleek. Ugh, I hate myself.

Now go get these products ________ !!!!


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