Makeup Meets Minimalism

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I’m not going to lie, I’m not the most minimalistic when it comes to makeup. Let me elaborate: I hate having a mask on my face (basically why I’m deathly afraid of foundation), but I love having drawers filled with products to pick from. So here comes my dilemma: love for makeup or aspiration to be minimalistic? Who knew both were simultaneously possible until now? If you’re like me and are just looking for a simple and easy no-makeup makeup look that’s nothing short of minimalistic, read on.


T H E  L O O K

Glossier Perfecting Skin Tint

To be quite honest, I’m not sure what this does or what it even is. It’s just godly. The texture is smooth and liquidy and very, very thin but enough to well, perfect your skin. If you’re looking for more coverage, this is not for you but if you’re just looking to embrace flaws and enhance good skin, check this sucker out. It freaking rocks.

Skin Tint x Marc Jacobs Concealer

Yeah, I hate having a mask on my face, and that means concealer too. Since the tint is so sheer, it’s not necessarily going to conceal any blemishes so mix together a bit more of a high coverage concealer with the tint to sheer it out and look much more natural and diffused.

Maybelline Illegal Length (WP) Mascara

Weird to think this was my very first makeup purchase three or four years ago. Also weird to think that it’s the best mascara ever. May even top my Lancome one, drugstore finds for the win. It’s lengthening and thickening, much thanks to the mini fibers that cling onto your natural lashes. For a no makeup-makeup look, wiggle the wand at the roots of the lashes instead of brushing it through the lashes.

If you’re not feeling mascara, just curl and let nature do the rest.

Glossier Boy Brow

Oh girl, believe me, I love my brow pencils as much as the next girl but something about a stronger and natural brow with the flick of a brow gel wand is much more appealing to the everyday girl, no? This brow gel is amazing because the wand is tiny and kinda fat so there’s never going to be excess product on your brows. It also fills in the gaps and makes your brows look existent. If it works for my sad, sad brows, it’s gotta work for yours.

Glossier Balm Dot Com (Cherry)

Yes! Glossier just launched their already incredible Balm Dot Coms with a cherry flavor, totally reminiscent of childhood memories filled with Lip Smackers. Enter cherry, the modern and cool-girl updated version of lavored lip balms. I think yes. I just apply a bit on my cheeks for a rosy glow and of course on my lips for a hydrated juicy tint.

John Masters Rose & Aloe Hydrating Toning Mist

Lock it all in with a hydrating AND toning mist for extra moisture and a dewy glow. Of course.

Like for the marriage of makeup and minimalism 🙂


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4 thoughts on “Makeup Meets Minimalism”

  1. Stacy Linn says:

    I am very influenced by minimal makeup. Was thinking about trying to go minimal myself just to see if I could. Remains to be seen!

    Liked by 1 person

    • ahh! so excited to hear more about it 😉 going from a beauty junkie to makeup minimalist is definitely not simple, I know firsthand…


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