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No, not the show! But yes, I have once again chopped off my hair. I’ve definitely gone through quite a ride with my locks as I had hair up to my waist at one point. You read that right, my waist. And for about a year or two I treated my hair like a safety blanket; I never let anyone cut it. Until I decided hey! Let’s chop it all off! So peace out to ten inches of dead scraggly hair. Clearly, ten inches was not enough because I decided to give myself a little trim which turned ten inches to 13 inches. And now it has grown back to mid-boob length. After not a lot of consideration, I’ve decided to go for the chop  (6 inches off 🙂 )and I’m loOooOoving it!! So here’s my updated hair care routine that’s perfect for any bob-lob. You know your haircut is serious when there’s a name for it.

T H E  R O U T I N E ( & P R O D U C T S )


I wash my hair about every other day to every two days just because a) I’m lazy and b) sometimes dirty hair trumps clean hair on all levels. Don’t believe me? Check out Jane Birkin and Caroline de Maigret’s locks and get back to me. So the products I’m showing you now are the products I use those every other day or two to achieve my look.

Shampoo and Conditioner

I start off my shower routine with shampooing and conditioning so I give my hair the chance to soak in all the nutrients. I don’t put heat on my hair ever really, but the most damage comes from constantly tearing my hair out of a bun. Seriously, you can even hear it. #Cringeworthy. I lather up the John Masters Organics Zinc & Sage Shampoo (it’s actually a 2 in 1 but I don’t believe in that crap) which smells nothing short of vanilla. And not the overdone candle-ish vanilla. I’m talking the real deal here, baby! After I lather and rinse, I use the John Masters Organics BARE conditioner. I’m all for this since it’s scentless and is one of the most basic conditioners out there as all it does is moisturize your hair. This way, it won’t interfere with the effects of the shampoo.

Styling: Phase 1

After I shower I towel dry my hair as much as possible. Now that I have six inches less than before, this process takes about two minutes. Easy, no? And here comes…the styling! But phase one first. Since my hair is a bit on the drier side come my ends, this Oribe Supershine Moisturizing Cream is absolutely everything. For starters, the scents of the entire Oribe line are curated by Tom Ford, the legend himself, and secondly, the product is insane (and the packaging!). It’s very hydrating but it’s completely risk free of making your hair feel oily, which we do NOT want. I put about a pea-size amount in the palms of my hands and warm it up then work it into my lengths and ends from the ear-length down.

Styling: Phase 2

Time for part two of styling! This phase may seem like it’ll counteract phase one (moisturizing) but due to the natural oils in the Frederic Fekkai Beach Waves mist and the crunch-free philosophy of it, it’s well, crunch-free. Nothing worse than finding a cool new beach spray only to find out your hair feels like a fall leaf after. This spray adds the perfect about of tousled texture and wave to keep the look feeling light and airy.

Now tuck your hair behind your ears and just let nature and air do the rest.

Thumbs up for lobs 🙂


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