What’s In My Bag?

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I feel like a reoccurring question time after time is what girls keep in their purses. I’m particularly nosy so I like to see what other people consider essentials so I guess I’ll do you all a favor and show you what’s in mine because I know EVERYONE is just dying to know what I keep in my purse. You may be surprised though, I don’t carry the most fascinating things. Don’t expect me to be whipping out a Chipotle burrito left and right, although I would not mind a single bit. I guess boring purse essentials are simply for boring people, like me.

I carry a Celine Medium Luggage Tote (is that what it’s called???) in this taupe, black, and suede army green combo. Pretty snazzy, I know. I call her Gloria in case you were wondering.




And on with…

T H E  E S S E N T I A L S


Moleskin Baby Notebook

I’m pretty thoughtful (maybe that’s why it’s hard for me to meditate properly) so I always have an idea of come across something that inspires me. I’m also pretty forgetful so a tiny portable notebook is great to pull out whenever your lightbulb starts flashing.

Mentos Gum

Bad breath be gone. Fun fact: I paid $6.00 for this gum at the airport. I can’t believe it either, I know.

Kiko Tinted Lip Balm (unavailable online)

I never really reapply lip colors throughout the day because lipsticks and lip glosses are just plain old annoying. I simply cannot be bothered with a five-second lippie application that pretty much has to be precise so a tinted balm is perfect for a girl on the go like me. One swipe and you’re good to go. Also….if you find yourself looking a little sickly, dab a bit onto your cheeks and blend out for a multi-purpose blush 🙂


A La Maison Hand Cream

Apparently I’ve never heard of travel-sized hand cream so I like to carry a massive tube. Smart, no? My hands get really dry so being able to moisturize whenever, wherever is something I can’t live a day without.

Marc by Marc Jacobs Wallet (discontinued)

A girl’s gotta pay for her $6 gum, amiright or amiright?

Ray-Ban Sunglasses 

My eyes are squinty enough as it is. Not only do these prevent my eyes from closing completely, you also can’t tell I even have squinty eyes. Win-win.


How else is a forgetful girl gonna write her thoughts and ideas down?

Carmex Lip Balm

I’m a lip balm addict and my favorite of the moment is this because it’s super hydrating and has a nice menthol-y feel to it. BONUS: You can get three of these for $4. Ca-ching!!


The one word to sum up the dilemma of a fifteen-year-old iPhone addict.

Oh wait I forgot something…


Just kidding, folks.


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