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I have this thing where I read a crap-ton of books for a solid four months but end up idling my reading period for the other eight months in a year. Clearly, I have a hard time staying on track. I constantly need new reading material because once I stumble across a lame book, I run off the rails and off goes my reading grind. I’ve started my four month reading grind a few weeks ago and I’ve collected a bunch of great books I think are totally worth checking out. Normally I head riveting stories but lately I’ve expanded my horizons to both lifestyle & wellness and storybooks. Here are my favorites!


T H E  L I S T

Nourish by Amber Rose, Holly Davidson, and Sadie Frost

As you may be able to tell, I’m very heavily involved with the whole wellness, happy mind, happy soul, happy life mantra so you can only imagine what I was was like when I received this book in the mail. God bless Amazon Prime, amiright? The book is not only aesthetically pleasing but also everything I aspire to be. It’s got info on healthy eating, meditation, natural beauty, and living a soulful and happy life. It’s basically the the For Dummies on being a well-rounded person.

American Psycho by Bret Easton Ellis

You may have heard of American Psycho before as it’s now a movie AND on broadway. SIIICK, right? Aside from my passion for all things wellness-related, I’m also oddly into psychology and the study of psychopaths. Maybe it’s my inner CTY-er in me but I find that stuff fascinating. The book is pretty much a classic since it was published in 1981 and is told in first person by the main character Patrick Bateman who’s a serial killer and Manhattan businessman. You basically get a feel for what’s going on in the head on a cold-blooded murderer. Riveting. I know.

One More Time by B.J. Novak

Ok. I’m a HUGE fan of The Office. Hands down one of the best shows ever aside from the horrendous quality. Although Ryan isn’t my favorite character in the show, I couldn’t help but pick this book up because…hellloooo? B.J. NOVAK WROTE IT. It’s really entertaining and witty. The style of the book is also really unique as it doesn’t so much tell one fluid story but a series of funny scenarios. 100% recommend.

The Gospel According To Coco Chanel by Karen Karbo

It’s highly negotiable that Coco Chanel is one of the most elegant and influential woman on this planet. While trends may come and go, one thing’s for sure…elegance is everlasting. And Coco Chanel exudes this grace and sophistication. Like it’s insane. I’m talking balls to the walls. The book is what the title says basically. Consider it a “What Would Coco Chanel Do?”

#Girlboss by Sophia Amoruso

So you know how I just said Coco Chanel is arguably one of the most elegant and influential women in the world? Hold your horses. Sophia Amoruso may not be as elegant as Chanel considering her past knack for dumpster diving and hitchhiking as a teen BUT I’d say she’s pretty darn influential. I love Nasty Gal but I never knew the story behind it. This book explains it in great detail while teaching you a little something something about marketing, business, being a woman in the workforce, feminism, being die-hard true to yourself, and putting yourself out there. In #Girlboss you can find tons of little interviews with other incredibly passionate women in their niche and tips and tricks on making your dream come true. I applaud you Sophia, brilliant.

It by Alexa Chung

This is more of an aesthetic book. It’s basically a bunch of Alexa Chung’s musings and eclectic inspirations binded into one very beautiful book. Great for flipping through when words are just too draining.

Love x Style x Life by Garance Dore

This book is sorta kinda like Nourish but it’s based more around the beauty aspect of things. She talks about all things related to defining yourself from personal style to handling worst case scenarios. As you can see I’m totally into that.


Wacky Chicks by Simon Doonan

As one of the reviewers raved, “this book encapsulates the best bundle of vaginas out there”, more or less. I couldn’t agree more. It’s a little…wacky but the stories are hilarious and inspirational. Women today are sometimes pressured to fit into a certain criteria society has molded for us but the women in this book completely break that and do whatever the hell they please. Wacky Chicks inspires women and girls of all ages to not feel forced to be what people want in a woman: sleek, gentle, and elegant but rather so entrenched in their personality that they’re essentially a bit wacky.

Finding Audrey by Sophia Kinsella

This story is just cute. Is that a thing? Can stories be cute? It just is. It’s cute and has a good plot with good characters and ugh, it’s GREAT. If you’re a tad bit bored and looking for a good book to read and indulge it, Finding Audrey is a great go-to.

The Day We Met by Rowan Coleman

I’m not gonna lie, when I first picked this up, I was a little bored. It wasn’t exactly compelling but it’s got a great message to it. It’s about a woman who has built an amazing life for herself. However, Alzheimer’s disease takes over not only her life, but her mother’s, daughter’s, and husband’s. It shows that we just gotta appreciate every little thing and not take it for granted because anything can happen any time. Although The Day We Met isn’t the most thrilling of books, the end scene is so awe-inspiring that the drowsy hours spent reading it end up being totally worth it. Literally, snaps for Rowan Coleman for making the read worth it.

The Vacationers by Emma Straub

Next time you go anywhere that sells books, HUNT THIS BABY DOWN. Especially for the upcoming summer season and or warm weather, this book is perfect for laying by the pool or even indulging in on a sunny morning. It boosts your mood instantly.

How To Be Parisian Wherever You Are by Anne Berest, Audrey Diwan, Caroline De Maigret, and Sophie Mas

I’m obsessed. I finished the entire thing in like six hours so you have no excuse not to pick this up. Like almost anyone else on the face of the planet, I’m in love with the French philosophy many French women take on: no bull-shit, this is who I am and I ‘m gonna accept it attitude. It’s the ultimate guide to being endlessly chic and learning the true beauty of accepting one’s self.

Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn

I’m a huge fan of Gillian Flynn. After reading Gone Girl, my first destination was Amazon Prime where I ordered a bunch of her books and Sharp Objects is one of my favorites. It’s eerie, mysterious, compelling, and totally brilliant. You did it again, Gillian Flynn.

Long list…still recommend them all.




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