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I can pretty much tell you right off the bat that everyone who has a class with me thinks I’m crazy. I would too if some 5’7 brunette went to the bathroom every. single. period. for. 10. periods. Insane, I know. I’ve been having a hard time figuring out if it’s whether I have an abnormally small bladder or if I actually DO drink a shit-ton of water. I’d say 3 liters a day is a lot…on top of my excessive cups of tea throughout the day.

I’m self-diagnosing: I have an addiction to tea. I’m not one to hate the so-called taste of water (is that even a thing?) but I find that water can be boring. Maybe because it’s tasteless. Duh, Brenda!! Due to  my occasional boredom of water, tea is my go-to. Not only does it infuse your water for some flavor, they all have different herbs and properties in them to get you feeling your best. That’s what this blog is all about anyway, right?

Keep reading for my top teas you just gotta try.


T H E  L I S T

Numi Amber Sun Organic Tea

 This Amber Sun tea is awesome because it has loads of turmeric. Even if you can’t taste the turmeric right off the bat (it’s only a hint), that doesn’t mean it’s not loaded with tons of benefits! Turmeric is awesome because it has powerful medicinal properties. It fights sicknesses, it’s an anti-inflammatory, antioxidant booster, lowers the risk of brain disease (good for mental health), lowers the risk of heart disease, prevents Alzheimer’s, responds well to Curcumin supplementation, has remarkable benefits against depression AND fights anti-aging. Phew. So in short: Turmeric is the bomb dot com. MIND. BLOWN.


Pure Peppermint Tea

First of all, this tea is super refreshing, hence the mint. Secondly, mint tea aids in weight-loss, mental health, improve digestion, relax, muscles, eliminate inflammation, reduce pain, and boosts the immune system. 

Allegro Feel Flawless Organic Tea

If anything claims to “give a glow to the skin”, you can bet your ass I’m picking it up. I bought this tea a while ago but haven’t started drinking it until a few weeks ago and DAMN is this tea good or what?!? Since it’s saturated with organic aromatic ingredients such as green tea, alfalfa, red clover, and many more, it’s going to do what it says: give you a healthy glow. 


Jasmine Green Tea

Green tea is probably the best tea for your body since it’s loaded with beneficial antioxidants and nutrients to power your body. Like most of the other teas listed, it improves mental and physical health while enveloping anti-acne and detoxing properties into one tiny tea bag. Jasmine is also great for your body as it “soothes your soul”…plus it just adds an extra boost of flavor. WARNING: Green tea is a tad bit bitter so if that’s not your thing, you can mix in a little bit of (Manuka) honey for some added benefits and some extra sweetness.

It’s tea time.


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11 thoughts on “Teas To Try”

  1. thebuttercupbaby says:

    I am also a self confessed tea addict, in particular green tea! Loove the sound of the jasmine green tea so that has been swiftly added to my shopping list! Awesome post x

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  2. I love tea! Republic of Tea has this super refreshing strawberry basil iced green tea that is my absolute favorite during the hot months.

    Liked by 1 person

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