Proclaiming Passion

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I’ve never been an insecure person. Sure, I’ve had my insecurities (who doesn’t? I’m sure Beyonce does too…) but my insecurities have never accumulated to the point of identifying myself as an insecure person as a whole. I’m pretty confident I must say. I’m comfortable with myself, my opinions, my choices, and my passions. Now.

When I first started out blogging a little less than a year ago, I was fearful of someone finding my blog when I didn’t intend them too. Looking back, that was stupid; if I’m putting something on the internet, it’s going to be found. I wouldn’t say I was insecure of my blog, but I didn’t want to give people something to make fun of, if you will. For the beginning few months of my blogging career, I wouldn’t tell many people, only my close friends and family. I didn’t want my dad to share my blog on WeChat for all his friends and colleagues to see and I sure didn’t want my classmates to know about it.

It’s funny though, I would link my blog in my Instagram and Facebook bio but for some reason I feared posting about it even though my website was sitting in my bio in a bold blue color waiting for someone to click on it. It wasn’t until maybe…one month ago? That I took complete pride in my blog. I realized there was nothing to be ashamed of as it’s something I’m completely proud of and passionate about.

I have to admit, the story behind it is a little ironic. I like to call myself an angry worker. My anger fuels my motivation to succeed whether it be to improve my grades, endure a grueling workout, or shove my triumph in someone’s face. With that being said, the story of showing pride in my blog was initially factored by trying to prove someone wrong. Here goes: It was a few weeks ago and I held a small event where an at the time acquaintance wasn’t invited. Being the sensitive troll he is, he called me a very degrading name I will not say because negativity completely counteracts the idea of my blog and insulted my blog. At first, I was kind of…upset. Completely out of character considering my abnormal thick skin but naturally that “sadness” swept off my shoulders and out came my typical fierce ambition. I realized that this Lisa Simpson resembling gnome will be sorry when he sees me all over Forbes while he’s moping around his humid office he hates in ten or so years.

So basically, I’m going a little crazy on the #shamelessselfpromo thing here, but at least I now have the confidence to share my pride and joy with others. Basically what I’m trying to get at here is to inspire you to take pride in what you do and love no matter what. Who cares if someone might think it’s stupid or weird? They’ll be sorry when you’re making it big. If this is your passion, you shouldn’t be afraid of sharing it with the world. Now, the only thing I’m upset about is the fact it took me literally eight months to realize that what I’m doing is perfectly fine, incredible even.



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