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I don’t know what it is about jewelry but it has always fascinated me. It’s just so…personal. Jewelry is (obviously) smaller and daintier than clothing so it’s not obvious if you wear it over and over again, and if you do it becomes your “signature” jewelry piece. It’s not like you can wear the same shirt over and over again and not get away with it, though I did wear the same leggings for three months straight without washing them in seventh grade. I didn’t get away with it though. In fact, people actually started to notice. I’m not one to be embarrassed ever really, but it was embarrassing. How do you explain to someone why you’ve been wearing the same Lululemon striped leggings for THREE MONTHS STRAIGHT without washing? It’s been about four years and I’m still waiting for the answer.

But that’s the thing with jewelry. You can wear it for half of the year and no one will say anything, hell the entire year. It might just be because you don’t sweat on your wrists and ears to make them smell bad (or you do, I don’t know), or it might just be because jewelry is a personal thing. I think you get the point by now; jewelry is a cool and fascinating thing because it’s personal and you can wear it forever. We know Brenda, God, this is why no one likes you. **If you’re new to my blog, hi I’m Brenda! I’m really sarcastic so don’t take me too personally, you’ll learn to love me, I swear.***

With that being said, arm candy is one of my favorite ways to dress up an outfit and add more character to the look. With spring officially here and summer right around the corner, colors are a key essential in giving your outfit some spunk. And….as someone who’s closet is dominated of many shades of black, grey, and white (sometimes they don’t match too which is a little embarrassing), colorful jewelry is one of the best ways to liven up any look.


I’ve teamed up with Sashka as their newest brand ambassador and I’m now in a partnership with them. This is super exciting because I’ve loved Sashka for years now not only because of the quality and unique look of their products but also because of their charitable cause. Sashka is a brand that works with local Nepalese artisans in need to rise above poverty through fair trade. Use the code BUTIMBRENDA25 to get 25% off your entire purchase & free shipping to help a person in need.

It might just be me (what else is new???) but a watch always adds an element of class and structure to arm candy. There’s nothing more sophisticated than a punctual blogger, am I right ladies, or am I right?


Since the watch is a mixture of silver and rose gold, adding colors into a look is really easy. It’s simple to mix and match bracelets to create a chic yet playful vibe. These Sashka bracelets are great because they are one size fits all, guaranteed. They’re not pulling any Brandy Melville crap on y’all, this is legit.


Let’s change the world one bracelet at a time.


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