Self-L♡ve = Pampering

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For the past month that I (in terms of blogging) went off the grid, I’ve been lacking in the self-care/love department. Forget about having a bad day, I was having a bad month. For starters I was on my period for a MONTH STRAIGHT. What?!?! And in turn, I was breaking out for a MONTH STRAIGHT. Think that was the worst part of my month? Nope. Not only was I losing a significant amount of blood everyday for a solid 31-40 days, I also spilled water on my laptop (the reason why I haven’t blogged), broke my phone snowboarding for the first time (btw, kudos to all you snowboarders, I don’t know how you do it), bruised myself due to the fact that I could snowboard past the damn bunny hill without falling at least 30 times (NOT exaggerating), lost half my right eyelashes, and had a total of probably 8 hours of sleep in a week. So yeah. My February was pretty crappy as I spent a total of 24 hours in the Apple store repairing my devices that I even considered to live without due to the ridiculously scarring experience.

I’m not saying I would go back to February, but what I will say is that I  could’ve done a lot to self-love and keep a positive and uplifting mood. Unlike the Kardashians, I couldn’t have just jetted away to Fiji for a yoga retreat or whatever, but what I could’ve done was pamper myself. Trust me, I needed it. The series of unfortunate events pummeling me back to rock bottom was also in WINTER. Winter = the bane of my (beauty) existence so as you can imagine, I needed serious work. And of course, it took me a month to realize that. But we can only move forward right? Here’s what I’ve been doing to show myself some love….

T H E  R O U T I N E

  1. Nails: Personally, there’s nothing I hate more than chipped nails. Unlike many people I know, I cannot pull off that chipped nail polish look. As I have the fattest hands already, scratched off nail polish doesn’t help me in anyway. So keeping my nails polished and painted is something that I do not only when I’m specifically pampering myself but just as something I do to make myself feel and look more put together. 
    1. Formula X: Majestic, Essie: Barefoot and Topless, OPI: Dulce de Leche


  1. Body: Like I said, winter is the bane of my (beauty) existence. That being said, my skin is constantly dry. Like scale-y dry. It’s disgusting. BUT, thank God for exfoliators right? I like to make my own my mixing together coconut oil and brown sugar. It’s abrasive enough without stripping my skin of it’s mere natural oils. Also…SHAVE. I know it sounds unnecessary since no one really shaves in the winter unless you live in some warm weathered area which in that case lucky you, but trust me, putting sweats on freshly shaved legs is something else. 
    1. DIY Scrub, Acure Shaving Cream & Gilette (Men’s Macho) Razor
  1. Skin: I try to keep my skincare routine as organic and natural as possible but sometimes you need a little something extra to maintain that glow. I exfoliate every two days or so, incorporate an oil/serum, use a mask weekly, and smear Aquaphor under my super flaky and red nose and my chapped lips.
    1. Tatcha Polishing Rice Enzyme Powder, NourishOrganic Argan and Rosehip Serum, NUDE Rescue Oil, Caudalie Glycol Peel, Caudal Detox Mask, Aquaphor.

In the words of Justin Bieber, “You should go and love yourself”.


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