The Easiest Pesto Pasta

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I have an unhealthy obsession with pesto. Pasta, pasta salad, sandwiches, you name it. Believe it or not, pesto pasta is also really easy to make so here’s my favorite simple, quick, filling, and delicious recipe for homemade pesto pasta.

T H E  I N G R E D I E N T S

  1. Pasta: Duh…use whatever kind you like: linguini, penne, fusilli, you name it. I just used spaghetti because it’s all I had laying around the house.
  2. Tofu: Sometimes people like to go all extravagant with meat and veggies but I just like to add chopped firm tofu because it’s really easy to cook and makes the whole process a lot simpler. 
  3. Pesto: Ahh, the key ingredient. Some people like to make their own but since I made this as a what I like to call, “lunch on a whim”, I just used some organic type from Whole Foods. Pretty impressive, actually.
  4. Cheese: Once again, you have a lot of leeway with your toppings so you can add cheese or not but if you do I like to use parmesan. 

T H E  R E C I P E

  1. Boil water in a pot until it starts to well…boil and then put however much pasta you want in. Let that sit to soften the pasta and make it edible while you proceed with the following steps…
  2. Chop the tofu and then fry it in a pan with some oil. I used avocado oil but coconut oil, olive oil, etc. will do. Fry until you like the goldenness of the tofu.
  3. Once the pasta is softened till edible, pour out the water and mix it into the pan that the tofu is in. Turn off the stove and mix in your pesto with any other seasoning you want. I put in pink Himalayan salt, crushed pepper, and more basil for some extra flavor.
  4. After you’ve put the pasta in a bowl to serve, grate your cheese and voila!

Now that was easy.



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