Stop Comparing.

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I recently had a heated discussion over the topic of comparisons with two friends and found it something that could strike up some conversation and interest in the community. I briefly mentioned the knack everyone has for comparisons in a previous post on my new years solutions but I didn’t “rant” (if you will) about it.

So this heated discussion was basically me verbally shanking my friend for constantly comparing herself to her ideal body on Pinterest. I told her what she was saying was complete BS and she should stop talking and listen to me. (I know, I sound really bossy, but I get extremely spirited over topics like this).

Here’s my take. Yes, Candice Swanepoel is a beautiful angelic creature. Yes, her proportions are extraordinary. Yes, her skin is flawless. Yes, she is just perfect. But will I or anyone else ever be her? Absolutely not. It’s ok so think someone is #goals or generally awe-inspiring but once that inspirational view on that person turns into jealousy and self-consciousness, it’s time to cut the cord.

You will never be that person. You will never have their face. You will never have their hair. You will never have their body. You will just never have their life. And that is because YOU ARE YOU. It is completely and utterly impossible to become someone else and live their life because you are you in your shell of a body for your entire life.

You like her body? Cool! Too bad you will never have her legs, her toned arms, or her stomach because that is not the way you are made. That is not your build. You like her face? Cool! Too bad you will never have her eyebrows, eyes, nose, or mouth. Ok, well you can get plastic surgery and such but even if you do, you’ll never look like your dream person because those artificial features are not suitable for you. You were and are not meant to look like that. You like her life? Cool! Too bad you’re not from the same family, you don’t know the same people, you don’t live in her house, blah, blah, blah.

Basically what I’m getting at is that you will never be the person you aspire to be no matter how many sit-ups and squats you do, how much makeup you cake on your face, and how much you practice the so-called art of wannabe-ing.

I’m assuming your goals/dream looks/person is a celebrity of some sort which is why that even if you try your hardest to become them, you will never truly become them. I’m also assuming you’ve never seen this idealistic person in real life, so majority of your inspiration is coming from pictures.

See that? PICTURES. Pictures as in photos taken on a camera or cell phone with perfect lighting and layers upon layers of Adobe Photoshop. You are only seeing what they put out for you. That is not actually them. It’s their best version of THEMSELF.

And I’m pretty sure even Candice Swanepoel has her insecurities and wishes so just embrace who you are and try to make the best version of yourself because there’s no point pining over something so fantastical and unrealistic when there’s really no hope anyway.

Sorry, that was a really negative ending.


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