Winter Vibes // ❄️ ☃️ 🌬

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I cannot lie. I’m a bit disappointed. 8° weather, frosty windshields, but no snow. I can’t hide the disappointment because honestly? There’s nothing better than waking up to the good news of no school. Despite the frustrating weather, there are tons of perks to the winter season. Read on…

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  • Let It Snow, Snow Bunny: Hence the previous message, we all want it to snow. Although our dreams may not always come true, the hopes are always high.
  • Winter Glamour: Who said summer was the peak of beauty? Sure, summer means tan, dewy skin, lighter hair, and toned tummies but winter means pale skin with rosy cheeks, bloated tummies ( 🙂 ) and an overall chicness.
  • Hot Chocolate: Ahh, what’s better than coming in from the cold than a rich mug of hot chocolate? Absolutely nothing.
  • Holiday Season: In spite of the fact that the holiday season is over, the Christmas lights and ugly sweaters can brighten anyone’s mood. 
  • City: Imma up arrow that ^, WHO DOESN’T LIKE THE CITY IN THE WINTER!?!?!?! It’s possibly the best part of winter in my opinion. Walking through the snowy (hopefully) city with a parka and hot chocolate in hand hasn’t ever sounded better.
  • Parties: While winter parties don’t necessarily call for denim shorts and cropped tank tops, they definitely call for glittery eyes, red lips, and a champagne toast. Bring the party to the next level, please.

Cozy up.


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