Resolutions to ACTUALLY Follow

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Over the course of my lifetime, I’ve done what everyone else has, come January 1st: formulate a New Year’s Resolutions list. Was I inspired? Yes. But, did I actually follow through for the entire 365 days? Nope. BUT! I did follow through about half of my list for 2015 so, in addition to my top resolution in bold, all caps, and starred, ***ACTUALLY FOLLOW THROUGH THE RESOLUTIONS***, here are mine for the upcoming year.

  1. Give less of a shit of what everyone thinks of me: I already exemplify this goal of mine, but imma kick it up a notch. I mean let’s be real, I’m not trying to live for anyone but myself.
  2. Appreciate family: between rushing from school to homework on the daily, I hardly ever take moments out of my day to really appreciate everything my family has done for me. 
  3. Eat less meat: Let’s just be kind to the earthlings for once.
  4. Be consistent: I have this thing where I get really motivated for like a week or two and then that motivation plunges into the base layer of the earth. And this connects with everything: fitness, eating right, grades, and appreciation for life. So, I’m keeping it consistent. 
  5. Stop comparing: Because you only have one body with one soul inside of it. It is LITERALLY impossible to switch appearances, lives, or personalities with another being so just work with what you got and love it. There’s not even a valid reason to compare. 
  6. Journal more: Yes, I journal. I once again, go through phases as an avid “journalist” and an inexistent one. So I’m hoping I can muster up the much energy needed (sarcasm, kids) to write and document the positive moments of my life, the negative (because that’s life), the things that inspire me, and just about anything in between. 
  7. Stop second-guessing: We’ve all done it. I actually did it on a quiz two days ago and it came back to bite me in the ass. I need to stop second-guessing myself and start trusting my gut and instincts because that’s where you get true knowledge and feeling from, not the different thoughts that cause you to stray away from them. 
  8. Speak Out: I’m going to be honest, I am very opinionated. I have something to say about everything. Pretty recently I read a message about some kid talking about how women are useless and powerless and that enraged me. As a hardcore feminist, I had the urge to go on a tangent but I obviously decided not to and strayed from the possible fight that could’ve potentially risen from it. I’m not saying I’m going to look for every opportunity to pick a fight, but to speak out against closed-minded assholes. 

Hello to my 16th year of attempting to accomplish resolutions.


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