Panama // Day 4

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1:15pm: From 9:30 till now, I’ve been relaxing poolside… (while listening to some new gems I found on SoundCloud. I’m updating my current playlist with them too! I also had a mid-day workout where I ran half a mile, did some ab and leg floor workouts, and ran another half mile.


9:30pm: Since Casco Viejo captured our hearts on Day 2, we decided to make a return. We spent a lot of time eating, as per usual and just walking around…

Oh yeah, and happy turkey day. 😉

***This is the “end” of my Panama posting because tomorrow I’m spending all day at the pool and beach and the day after, I’m heading to the airport early in the morning to head home. I had an amazing trip and I’m so glad I got to share it with you all! :)***


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