Panama // Day 3

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12:07pm: I’m currently scrambling to change into a different outfit. You ever feel like you can’t wear something because it’s too much work to wear? Me rn….my shorts are just too much to deal with which is why I opted for a flowy dress that feels like I’m wearing a thin blanket. Can’t go wrong. Anyway, Mother Nature came in clutch today because there wasn’t a drop of rain, rather, pure sunshine! We hung out at the pool with pina-coladas, bikinis, and beautiful views.

9:32pm: In the past nine hours, my family and I headed over to Causeway to do some duty-free shopping. Afterwards, we went into the new city where there wasn’t much to do besides going property shopping lol…so we went to the (different) mall, again to get some things at the supermarket, and my favorite part, watch Spectre. And damn, was it good. Fun fact: I’m a die hard James Bond fan, you name it; even before Daniel Craig took the place of the past six legendary spies. We then had a delicious, fatty dinner. And here I am.

All for day 3 :)…


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